Rokh question

It’s my understanding that the Rokh with its long range railguns is much more of a team player fleet ship correct? not something ideal for solo PVE (or PVP)

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I am aware that they are used to spam smartbombs for ambushes. I am specifically referring to railgun Rokh.

Rokh is good for sniping Drifters in Pochven, though the Naga can do the same job but cheaper. Else I only know Smartbomb Rokhs. Maybe there are some fleet doctrines with it.

The Rokh was meant to be a turret boat, the fact players only use it for smartbomb spam doesn’t change the fact it should still make a great long range turret boat. Or at least it shouldn’t unless the devs messed up.

If you manage to put a nice fit together, say with large neutron blaster II’s on a Rokh, you can go out and fly by yourself.
There are no rules prohibiting that. Or medium neutron blasters with 2x xl-asb boosters and you have a cheap marauder that you can insure.

The only problem is, your fit will be posted by the newspapers of tomorrow and everyone will by then already found a way to counter-play.
I liked it better, when your fit was only known by you and you alone until someone killed it or has been killed by you.

Naga does everything the Rokh can do but better and Cheaper when it comes to damage with turrets

tanking damage is the only thing the Rokh does better but it’s slow as a bigger larger sig with weak dps overall. IMO Rokh needs a damage bonus or ROF bonus on top of its current bonuses SPECIFICALLY for Large railguns only (not a large hybrid bonus, a large railgun bonus) to make it a sniper to FEAR
(or pretty please make a navy rokh that can use 8 MISSILES)

smart bombing rokh’s I file into the wacky builds player come up with folder like mining Rokh’s…

but Rokh is a COOL design.

but let me lead you to a path of redemption of amarr ships this way ----->
cause you don’t want to be a heretic right?

Can a Naga lock and hit a target at 200k?

Also never fear, I may be a heathen but I have greatly respected and studied the works of the holy space pope, Max Singularity, and his contemporaries, and have a great appreciation for lasers and many Amarr ships. I shall also be flying those eventually.

It already exists, it’s called the Raven Navy Issue. If you want a Rokh Navy, at least ask for a damage/resist combo. Spike on 425’s already reaches out to 130km optimal, so it would make a nice MJD Rail platform since even stuffing 4 damages mods in the lows of a normal Rokh is beyond underwhelming damage-wise and if you do need to range tank it, it’s still got enough mids/rigs to spend some on being able to shoot the next post code.

You can make a Naga lock and hit out to 300km if you really need to.

Seems kinda wrong if a Naga can outrange the Rokh, but I’ll be sure to try it once I finish training all my heavy hybrid skills.

The Rokh also reaches 300km without sacrificing too much tank. Has range bonus. Or if you use blasters, using Null L can reach out to 50km.

Both seem like fleet ships, sound fun to fly but not much point til I have a regular fleet to use them in. Which I may soon.