How to make the most of the rokh?

Hi, I have a doubt about the Rokh: taking everything to level 4 and using 425 mm railgun II with Spike I can shoot from 195 Km of distance… but what’s the advantage if I can’t keep enemy ships permanently at 195 km away? Rokh is too slow to mantain distances and using micro jump drives only take me at 100 km. So, what’s the utility to shoot from that distance if I can’t reach and mantain it?

Use for what? PvE? Rokh is not the best tool for any PvE activity. Even though you can use it, it does not mean you should. Because ISK/hour ratio with long range low DPS ammunition will be low. Even if you shoot the right NPC. Range tanking king is Rattlesnake, interesting option is also Sentry drone Dominix sniper. Dominix can apply about 600 instant DPS from 150 km range if using Warden II… Rattlesnake can deal 1200 DPS from about 100 km (LMJD distance). Basically Rattlesnake functions like two battleships in one.
If you like to play with hybrids from range far far away, you can try Naga. It is more quick, than Rokh.
Rokh often used as smartbomber in gate camps, but this is a brawling PvP.

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Ok, but it’s not what I asked, not everyone plays with the same goals. I don’t mind to became rich, I only play PvE for fun. I want to understand if (and how eventually) it’s possible to take advantage of the huge distance from where Rokh is capable to shoot from.

Most ships in Eve are balanced for PVP. The Rokh is a sniper - which may (or may not) play a useful role in a fleet composition depending on the circumstances. That’s for the FC to decide. In PVE you can use Rokh as a sniper with MJD. At maximum range, you have very low damage but it will apply well to frigates burning directly toward you. Change ammunition as rats get closer to deliver more damage. When the rats close to about 30Km - use your MJD to pull range again. Rinse and repeat.

Yes, I know, maybe I did not explained well. Is it possible to mantain enemies at 195 Km of distance to shot them with 425 mm Railgun II and Spike? MJD only take me at 100 Km, not 195, so I don’t understand the utility of this long range weapons if I can’t reach that distance and mantain it. I mean: if the maximum range I can obtain is 100 Km (with MJD) I can shoot with tech level I railguns, so why we have tech II railguns and Spike ammunition for shooting from a distance that’s not possible to obtain?

You don’t have to wait until they reach you before you MJD. If you shoot until they get to within 100km, then MJD away, you’ll keep them at the range you want.

Its impossible to MAINTAIN a 195km distance from the smaller ships that are far more faster than you. Thats the point of a frigate, is to be faster than a battleship.

Its possible to obtain it. But youre asking two different questions.

In order to obtain a distance of 195km, you can warp in at 100km and then use the MJD. That will take you 200km from any target.

But then your first question asks if its possible to MAINTAIN this distance.

And to that, if youre asking why we have Spike and railguns for long range when its impossible to maintain this distance, the answer to that question is, you dont need to.

First off, optimal is MAX 195km. That doesnt mean that you MUST be 195km away to hit something. You can be 100km away and still hit full force, because the optimal is WITHIN 195km, not ATLEAST 195km.

Secondly, thats why you have drones, to use against smaller ships that you cant outrun, and kill them. Why would you need to be 195km away from EVERYTHING, when the drones are specifically designed to deal with smaller targets that get closer?

Ok, this is clear, I used a wrong expression, as I want to intend to restabilish everytime the maximus range, not to mantain it always at 195 Km.

Are you sure? It seems to me that regardless the warp distance I set I cannot predict exactly at what distance from enemy ships I will stop. Am I wrong?

yes, ok, I don’t have to, of course I know, but if I have to fire from 100 km I don’t need to upgrade to tech 2 railguns and ammunition, tech 1 railguns and ammunition are enough to shot at 100 Km, In effects I can shot now at 129 Km with Gauss and Iridium, so why I should move to tech 2 stuff? This is the point I didn’t understand, but yes, if I can control warp distance and then use MJD, it makes sense.

Depends on what youre warping into.

Are you using your rokh for PVP? PVE? Warping to a scout? Beacon?

You get more damage. Tech 2 with Spike deals more damage than Tech 1 with iridium. Even Tech 2 with iridium deals more damage than Tech 1 with iridium.

And the best part is you can switch to javelin when they get closer, dealing tons more damage and greater tracking.

If you dont care about damage, then go with Tech 1 Meta 4. Otherwise, Tech 2 gives you more, better options.

PvE, security missions lvl 4

That’s not true, I see the same dps and hp with 425 mm prototype gauss gun and iridium or 425 mm railgun II and iridium. Also same optimal range. The only advantage you have is using spike and javelin instead of iridium or antimatter

If you know all so well and question people’s answers, why ask in the first place?

T2 weapons gets an extra damage bonus from the specialisation skill, 2% per level. Even with T1 ammo. Tech 2 ammo is specialised ammo, not standard ammo you automatically use just because you now have T2 weapons.

And to chime in with the above: the Rokh is a subpar ship for lvl 4 missions because its dps is very low compare to other options, this results in takes AGES to kill a BS target to the point where it becomes silly. If you’re fine with that then sure I guess but it’s going to be a chore.

You can run AB to move away from them and use MJD once every 3 minutes, if you really want to keep max distance.

I apologize if I seemed rude, it was not my intention.
The beauty of this game is to be a thousand different games for a thousand different players. I do not care to be macho in the PVP by destroying the ships of other players. I just want to impersonate a character, buy the ships that I like aesthetically and functionally and try them in the PVE, pretending to be a capsuleer capable of destroying whole pirate floats.
I do not care about becoming rich, getting into corporations etc. I just need to earn enough to buy what I like and what I want to try, so the time I spend (which anyway does not seem to me much to finish level 4 missions) is not important.
Simply I missed the advantage of weapons and ammo tech 2 compared to those tech 1 but now it is clear to me thanks to your answers.


I opened with Pyfa and it confirms that i am right.

425mm Prototype gauss gun and iridium with all skills level 5: Each turret deals 21.2 DPS.
425mm Railgun II and iridium with all skills level 5: Each turret deals 23.3 DPS.

So yes, it should be more damage.

And yes, Spike deals a lot more damage than Antimatter. 46 DPS versus 36 DPS per turret.

This is all ignoring the Magnetic field stabilizer, which brings the difference between each turret to 17 dps per turret if you have 3 magnetic field stabilizers equipped. This is a whopping 136 DPS difference between Tech 1 and Tech 2, for Spike and Antimatter.


(Not even trolling, although I haven’t been able to use it properly :confused: )

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