Rokh - Missiles?

Dumb question…FOR PVE

yeah i know there is plenty of better ships then Rokh… but Rokh has a special place in my heart in EVE!

but can it be worth fitting a 4 railgun 4 cruise missile Rohk?
(plz CCP makes it 8 launcher hardpoints lulz cause it would be my dream ship) maybe even adding bonuses for using two spilt weapon systems?

it allows some selectable damage type, painters could be used to increase accuracy for both weapons.

range is mostly non issue as they both have large ranges by default as the hybrid bonus puts the railguns up with cruise missiles

only real problem is see is damage mods but each extra damage mod provides reduced bonuses so played around with 1xmissile/1hybrid vs 2-3 missile. but looking at the math cruise missiles do more then rail guns with zero mod’s but obviously missiles don’t usually do full damage but it is selectable

(compared standard ammo for ease/cost since tech 2 ammo is more specialized and navy ammo is just better standard ammo) - Fury missiles clearly win by a large amount in damage

with 4 missiles it also means more cap for shield boosting/power relays/etc…

am I just being bad trying to make this work or can this actually work in certain circumstances like wanting to do more specific damage type

cause this space brick is the best brick!!!

Mining Rokh is best Rokh. Seriously though, try it sometime. Get 5 of them together with 40 mining lasers on the same rock. It’s quite hilarious…

Rokh is good for bombs too, or was.

Generally not wise to mix guns and missiles on a ship

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…unless you are flying a Praxis.

But in response to your question, just try your 4x4 combination and switch the railguns for blasers. With Null L, you should get like 50 km falloff, which is more than fine.

Happy pve!

one can dream!!! that the space brick will be good one day…

I mean is it good? Not really, mixing guns is rarely a good idea and it has no bonus to missiles.

Does this work? Depending on what you do, yeah it can.

Do you like it? I know i wouldn’t, doesnt mean you cant, it’s your game.

I do love the look of the rokh too, it’s sad how the megatron is just better at everything but you can make it work, maybe dont try to chew as much as a meta build raven but who cares.

well even looking at a Rokh is already a non meta ship in everyway… kinda knew what i was getting into, but wanted to see if anyone ever did something as wacky as putting missiles on a rokh with it’s 4 hard points even though IMO its’s one the best designed Caldari ships visually

Agreed, i dislike the raven and scorpion, i prefer the more functional looking ones. :smiley:

Altough if you just want to use a rokh maybe consider using 8 railguns instead, this is what it shines with. Sure it doesnt have a damage bonus but with its optimal bonus you can use antimatter charges at impressive range, transforming range bonus into damage bonus.

Quick answer: No.

It has its uses. High damage output with the blasters, and selectable damage output with the missiles. Against something with an adaptive resist profile or with resist holes you might be able to perform better than a standard 8 blaster set up. Along with putting missiles there doesn’t eat up cap, so that might be something, no matter how minor.

I’d like to see it able to fit a full rack of launches as well, maybe with a bonus to cruise missiles speed/range to play into it’s sniper role.

I mean the rokh is a hybrid bonused ship, caldaris already have the raven and the RNI and SNI as full missile battleships. I’d like to rokh to be more relevant but leave missiles to the missile ships.

Rokh is intended to be a long-range sniper with railguns. Other fits, while possible, will probably be sub-optimal. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try them - the devs likely had a use case in mind when they gave the ship universal hardpoints. Perhaps a couple of rapid light launchers for point defense. It can be frustrating to be swarmed by frigates in a battleship - the large rail guns stand no chance of hitting them!

…and with the recent changes, you can get more than 1 m ehp.

why not blastering on 50km around ? solid 800 dps.

iirc during tier 3 bs development the rokh hit sisi with 8 launchers . there was much excitement and joy among caldari pilots which ccp promptly crushed …
a 4 torpedo / 4 heavy neut version saw some use in pvp , mostly for taking down ratting carriers and dreads …

Why? We dont need 2 carbon copy missile boats. Caldaris are specialized in missiles and, to a lesser extend, railguns. Give the rokh some good railgun buffs and call it a day. Remove the launcher hardpoints if you want. Right now the ship is a bit sad besides the looks but it could be nice.

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