Give the Rokh 4 more launcher slots

Since Caldari are down 1 dedicated combat battleship compared to other races (Scorpion is EWAR), why not give the Rokh some extra fitting options? The optimal range bonus would remain to keep it as a solid hybrid sniper.

The Rokh already has 4 launcher slots. To fit with Caldari flavor (missile master race) and give the ship some new fitting options, give it 4 more launcher slots (total of 8). Literally nothing else has to change and would be purely for fitting choices.

With 8 unbonused launchers it would turn into a hybrid of the Scorpion Navy Issue (shield resist bonus) and the Raven Navy Issue (8 launcher hard-points).

It has all the fitting it needs already to utilize a full rack of missiles in any configuration. Could make for some interesting fits both in fleets and solo.

To those who oppose; What kind of heathen are you not wanting to see 8 missiles launched horizontally and vertically out the Rokh hull and converge on a target?

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Some example fits:

The Raven is already the best ship in EVE. :slight_smile:

The Abanddon !!! thats the only real battle ship in EVE

Basking in a focused broadside of the Emperors Light

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I would rather have the Blackbird and Scorpion get another launcher slot.

You do 1200dps with neutron blaster out to 18km with void and 800 or 900 out to 45km with null - instant.

Why on Earth would you want to put missiles on a Rohk??

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Selectable damage types
No tracking (i.e, easier to brawl with)
Creates a new ship without making a new ship (would be a hybrid of the scorp navy and navy raven)
Gives caldari a more diverse battleship line, since they are missing a 3rd combat battleship.

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