Give the Rokh 4 more launcher slots

Since Caldari are down 1 dedicated combat battleship compared to other races (Scorpion is EWAR), why not give the Rokh some extra fitting options? The optimal range bonus would remain to keep it as a solid hybrid sniper.

The Rokh already has 4 launcher slots. To fit with Caldari flavor (missile master race) and give the ship some new fitting options, give it 4 more launcher slots (total of 8). Literally nothing else has to change and would be purely for fitting choices.

With 8 unbonused launchers it would turn into a hybrid of the Scorpion Navy Issue (shield resist bonus) and the Raven Navy Issue (8 launcher hard-points).

It has all the fitting it needs already to utilize a full rack of missiles in any configuration. Could make for some interesting fits both in fleets and solo.

To those who oppose; What kind of heathen are you not wanting to see 8 missiles launched horizontally and vertically out the Rokh hull and converge on a target?

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Some example fits: