Came back after 6 years out... and ths is what I think so far

I came back about 2 months ago after a very long break of 6 years. Some stuff seems to have changed since I left at end of 2012, most of which is good but some of which just doesn’t make sense. Here is a summary of my thoughts so far since re-joining, from a Caldari perspective…

More ships = good (Triglavian stuff is interesting, and new faction ships are good too, but the 4 main factions seem to have been neglected)

More balance = good

More modules = good (I especially like the Abyssal mods, I hope they expand it to include other modules)

Still a lot of inbalance = bad (Rapid Light/Heavy Launchers seem nerfed to pointlessness, not many people use Torpedoes anymore after Cruise Missile boost, etc)

Ships still imbalanced after 6 years = bad (Rokh battleship does less base dps than a Naga, a battlecruiser, which is cheaper, faster, easier to skill into, and has same range… why would anyone use a Rokh now? And it’s been like that for 6 years…)

Capitals too plentiful = bad (I know there have been recent changes to correct this, time will tell if this works)

Too many logistics = not enough pvp ships dying (Again, recent changes have been made to rectify this, time will tell)

Lowsec broken = very bad (why would anyone go there to hunt pirates when their alt can hotdrop a Capital/Supercapital on you?

Tech 2 battleship line-up not completed (where are the Tech 2 Rokh/Abaddon/Hyperion/Maelstrom etc?)

Burner missions = I’m unimpressed… I’m not going to go into why, maybe I will create another Thread for that.

Not enough development of the EvE storyline… painfully slow.

In all, my feelings at the moment are that there are still just too many holes in this game, and it’s a shame because it’s a game with a lot of potential. I’ve just paid for an annual subscription, and already feeling unsure if I will resub next year :confused:


Welcome back!

I do have an issue with a statement like this:

Because this comes across as a statement from someone lacking in fundamental understanding of the ships. Here, you are comparing a Battleship hull with a Battlecruiser hull. Sure, they do similar damage (that’s kind of the point of the Attack Battlecruiser), but you’re conveniently ignoring differences in things like, Fitting, Tank, Slot layouts, etc. Yes, the Naga might be able to do the same damage (because it gains bonuses to the same type of damage), but the Naga is extremely weak and has a much lower health pool (and lower total tank overall) compared to a Rohk, which is a Battleship with plenty more Mid slots.


I am referring to the Rokh’s lack of damage bonus, I thought that was obvious from my post. My point is the Naga actually does more dps than the Rokh. It has a damage bonus, while the Rokh doesn’t. It’s fine to compare the 2 ships because they have the same weapon type, same weapon size, and the same number of those weapons (8). It’s an example. Nowadays I just use my Rokh to store my Officer Mods in, so that I don’t accidentally reprocess them in my station’s cargo bay… that’s how useful I think the Rokh currently is.

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Have you shot a Naga with a Rokh?

Seriously, look at the difference in tanks.

Edit: ok, addreessed but still. Pocket Battleships < Battleships

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If that is your claim, then I don’t think you have made a good case for why the Rohk deserves to receive a damage bonus.

It’s not really fair to compare to ships simply because they use the same weapon type, this just goes to show more that you’re lacking some fundamental knowledge about the game. I would not compare a Tristan against and an Algos and complain that one needs a damage bonus simply because they use the same weapon system (Drones).

What is it with people who try to put down others by claiming they don’t know much about the game? I see it all the time on these forums. Too many personal attacks.

I’m still going to keep using the Rokh to store my officer mods.


The transversal that a Naga can pull on a Rokh with the right prop mod fitted at <50km will negate the Rokh’s damage enough to cause the Rokh concern. Goodnight…

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This is not a personal attack. It’s a comment that you are lacking in some fundamental knowledge of the game and that you would be better for having taking the time to learn about the game.

You made a short sighted comment, looking at a single aspect of two different ships in two different hull classes, then came to the conclusion that one was worse than the other, without considering most of the other factors that go into how a ship can be utilized in the game.

If you took it personally, that is not my problem because it was not meant as a personal attack.

Sure, if you dont put tracking computers on your Rokh.

Also, silly letting it get to less than 50km.

Goodday (?)

Someone hasnt looked at the ecm changes perhaps?

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Actually, though the Naga’s tank is weaker, you will find they have the same amount of midslots.


Thanks for pointing out mistake. They do have the same number of mid slots.

If they made combat caps/supers Banned in Empire Space = True that would make low a great place for small gang sub cap PvP which is much more in reach of new players and would help new players progress. It would revitalize BLOPs.

Right now progression is Frigate->Titan :roll_eyes:

If you had a little more game knowledge, you probably wouldn’t make short sighted comments like that.

Also, the Rokh has been complained about as underpowered / too niche vs the other battleships for years now, and “a Naga is generally better” is not an uncommon comment to see.

When comparing two ships, you don’t say “Well but B has more tank than A” (this shows you can read stats off EveUni, not that you understand the game). You say “Does B have useful roles, that you wouldn’t normally use A for instead?”. This is where the Rokh tends to fall down.

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This is pretty much the gist of my point though, so thanks for reiterating it.

My comment was the shallow comparison between a single attribute on a ship. This is not even considering the use cases in solo, small gang, fleet, wormhole, citadel attack/defense, etc. But sure.

Good Morning… just woken up.

In a duel between a Naga and a Rokh, if I was in the Naga, I would be looking to leverage my strengths of Speed and Damage by fitting Blasters and a prop mod (or 2?), to get in close and orbit from under 50km. I would also seriously consider fitting ECM or a Tracking Disruptor, to make the Rokh completely useless at tracking me, while I whizz around him at closer range tearing him to shreds with my Blasters.

Now, if I was in the Rokh, I would know the Naga is fast and will try to use that speed and Damage against me, so I would be trying to minimise the Naga’s transversal and ewar affects by putting as much distance between me and him as possible so I can snipe at 100km+. As the Rokh is a slow space slug, that means Micro Jump Drive, and using it constantly throughout the battle to go 100km in the same direction. Of course, using a MJD and sniping from 100km+ means the Naga won’t be scrammed or disrupted and can just warp off…

To summarise, the Rokh can only perform at long range due to it’s slow speed and lack of damage bonus, while the Naga can actually competently do both, it can operate at close range as a high-speed Blaster boast doing shocking damage, or it can do the long-range snipe role with Railguns, but with more damage than a Rokh. That in my view makes it a better ship, when you consider the cheaper price, and lower skill requirements.

My own feelings about the Rokh are that since the advent of Micro Jump Drives maybe the Rokh doesn’t need the Shield Resist bonus anymore as it can jump to safety when approached at 100km, and could change to a damage bonus instead, while keeping the range bonus. This would allow it to perform it’s main sniping role while inflicting more damage, and would put it on a level playing field with the Naga in base damage. Or perhaps the Attack Battlecruisers could have their damage bonuses replaced with a speed-tanking bonus such as MWD radius penalty reduction or speed boost. Or both?

The final thing I would add, is the Rokh’s performance/stats versus it’s old Tier 3 battleship piers. The recent damage boost to the Abaddon (37.5% total damage bonus) just makes the Rokh look even weaker now, when it has no damage bonus at all. With that recent boost I am now seriously considering cross-training into Amarr ships.

Ahh, I don’t know how you’re fitting your Naga, but I will fight you in my Rokh (1v1 as it were) where ever you’d like, whenever you’d like (though may need time to fit/move it). Even without a dmg bonus!


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ECM is useless in 1v1 encounters now, they chaged it so the person being jammed can still lock the person using the ecm… dont ask i really dont know why.

The thing with the bc’s and why they work is that yes they are faster (usually) and have the same offensive weapons they lack the tank to go toe to toe with a bs; however, you can fit 2 or 3 for the same price as a bs; and thats really where they come into their own .

Bs can also fit a large energy neut, and fields drones - and can use a grappler…

I suppose if you look at it like the naga is basically just a gun platform youll get the picture.

I still dont like the rokh though, i never have.

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Thanks for the money and good riddance.


Oh dear, are you a CCP alt? Probably not. Just a rude tw*t.

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