Thinking about coming back after some years away... whats the state of the game?

I started originally way back in October of 2003 and played until about 2016 with a few 6-12 month breaks mixed in. I haven’t really touched the game since 2016, but lately I’ve been kind of getting a bug to give it another go. I’m curious what the current state of the game is like and whether its worth re-subbing to get back into the mix.

A few specific questions I’m hoping to get answered:

  • Is there much content for solo players these days? I’m not opposed to joining a corp and if I dive in, I likely will, but I don’t know if it makes much sense to immediately join up if I’m still just kinda “dipping my toe in” to see what things are like. Definitely going to want to have something to do during this period.

  • Is there room for new/returning players in the various corps? I can’t remember if it was always this way due to the trust-based nature of the game, but one of the reasons my interest kind of fell off last time around was because the only place I could find to play with other players that wasn’t super “cliquey” was RvB and they were so loose at the time it was essentially solo play.

  • Has power creep become an issue? If I’m coming back with skills / hardware from 5 years ago, will they still be viable at all today, or am I going to be at a dramatic disadvantage that’d require me to spend a lot of time / isk skilling and buying new hardware?

Anyway, looking forward to getting a picture of what the game is like these days and whether or not its worth trying to reinvest.


  • Plenty of solo content, and plenty of ability to play solo. Of course, playing solo is still playing Eve on hard mode.
  • They might require a background check, but most corps will gladly take a returning player.
  • I suppose that you could argue that the triglavian ships represent some power creep, but on the whole, it really isn’t an issue. Do note, however, that various balance passes have resulted in different ships/ship types falling in and out of favor. HAC’s, Triglavian ships, and Marauders are the current hotness. But who knows when another balance pass might come to shake things up.

Anyway, there have been a few major changes that tend to trip returning players up.

  • Don’t leave your stuff in player structures if you plan on going on break again, as asset safety will be disabled if the owner doesn’t keep the structure fueled.
  • The Surgical Strike update nerfed resists. Thus, old fits might no longer have enough tank.
  • Triglavian and diamond rats are new dangerous rats. Diamond rats can be avoided by checking the agency (it’s a tool designed to help players find content) to see if any Pirate Forward Operating Bases are in system. If so, then diamond rats can spawn. Trig rats can spawn in minor triglavian victory systems, as well as systems that can have trig wormholes. But, honestly the best way to deal with them is to get positive standing towards them. Apparently they will no longer spawn on gates, but they might still spawn in asteroid belts. All I can say is that I haven’t seen any on gates in a while.

Naturally, there have been a ton more changes than that. But, those should be all of the nastier surprises.

And, don’t listen to the bitter vet whining that’s going on right now. I’m not saying that no one has any right to complain, but they’ll put a negative spin on anything, and make it sound like actual problems are the end of the ■■■■■■■ world.

Anyway, welcome back.


Hello there, honestly the other person that had replied here had pretty much answered any questions you likely had, but I too will put in my two cents!

-Yes there is! I am actually a mostly solo player myself, and I prefer to stick with small groups or do everything myself! Actually, had an interesting event happen that was a small group event myself, though quite a long story, so I will not post it here. Although I am thinking about corps for you, I actually am struggling, a part of me says a larger corp for the space, but honestly just pick whatever suits you (as you’d likely know, you arent a newbro.)

-RvB is actually in a weird state right now, and sort of corrupt (also a long story). At this point its like a deserted help chat, there are events, but honestly I don’t think you would see much value in them, unless you REALLY want to shoot noobs in highsec or go on lowsec roams in FW space with t1 destroyers and frigates. Honestly I would suggest a corp that doesn’t have an obnoxious amount of requirements and go from there, preferably one you can grow with as you experience the game again. (Say you like missions, run a few in highsec and try out the ‘anomic’ mission line, then move to low or null for extra isk, but not having to switch corps while doing so!

-I would say no, like the other guy said. Sure some stuff has changed in terms of what you own, but its all completely viable today still. Even those rusty old POS mods! (I have a collection speaking of, I will buy it all >:D) but even those are (almost) as good as they once were. If you have those, I got ideas for you I can give you for some strategic solo play with those!

I would give it a whirl, if you need something in-game you can shoot me a message.

→ But what do I know, I’m a Paczki! \o/ ←

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Давно хотел ознакомится с данным проектом и вот спустя примерно лет 5 дошли до него мои рученки. Не успел я закончить 1-ое задание агента как мне в личку постучала поддержка, а точнее GM Vox. Сказать, что он мне очень помог - это ничего не сказать. Сходу навалил мне кучу полезных ссылок и дал пару дельных советов по интерфейсу и в конце нашей беседы добил меня личным сообщением, где более подробно описал 1-ые шаги в игре. Бонусом в письме так-же были приятные ништяки. Я краем уха слышал про бодрое комъюнити EVE, но такого отношения поддержки к нубам раньше не встречал нигде.
P.S. Еще раз Респект и Уважуха GM Vox.

Another significant change is that CCP altered the standard travel/shipping routes in high sec with the Trig invasion. Some high-sec systems became low-sec, some were moved to the new Trig region of Pochven.

Some systems that remain in high-sec now have both Triglavian and/or Edencom forces stationed in them or dropping by for visits.

As usual, the advice is to not fly in anything expensive or blingy until you’ve seen how some of the changes have shaken out. Overall gameplay shouldn’t be too much different than 2016, for good or for ill.

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Tranquility; ok (28,120 players)

Current vs. 30 min avg: +0.7% | 204 new pilots created in the last hour.
Max (24h): 28,120 (2021-11-20 19:10:12)
Health: ok
You can check the status of the game here:

yes kill them all !!!

join up and kill them all !!!

guns are still guns and ammo is still the same, oh and kill them all

its the same as it used to be , undock and kill everyone in sight.

not that much has changed apart from the very overt cash grab from ccp .

EVE has surprisingly little powercreep from what I can saw in the four years I’ve been playing. Rorquals added some powercreep to mining, but that is being reverted now.

Solo players have some new content in the form of Abyssal filaments, short PvE challenges that take max 20 minutes and have various tiers of difficulty. There also is a lot of other gameplay that can be done by solo players (and some to a certain extent).

I don’t have much experience in other corps, but I do know mine certainly has room for new (and returning) players and I think a lot of other corps do as well.

United Standings Improvement Agency, which in various forms has been around since 2009, helping to raise standings for other players, are currently looking for some new staff members and mostly we are a social corp but offer a service, similar to PushX or Red Frog.

At this point anything I’d had it player structures I lost access to years ago… Interestingly enough though, looking through my assets list there are almost no nullsec stations listed despite the fact that I’m 100% sure there were a couple of rather large caches of items out there from previous stints in nullsec corps. I guess those stations were likely destroyed at some point?

I take it these rats are not to be taken lightly then? My last couple stints in EVE prior to this were pretty exclusively T1 fun in RvB, so its been quite some time since I’ve done any sort of ratting and I’m way out of the loop on whats strong / weak on the NPC side. My guess is they are worth quite a bit if you can kill them though?

I’m actually thinking about trying to join up with E-Uni as sort of a reintroduction to the game… its been a very long time since I’ve actually played beyond the T1 fun that RvB does/did, so it might be a worthwhile time investment. That said, for me corp culture and fit is probably the most important aspect these days, so large or small doesn’t really matter, but getting in with a group that I can mesh well with does. That’s part of why I’m curious about how welcoming corps are these days as part of the reason I’d ended up in RvB way back when was because EVE corp life had gone through a period at the time where you were kind of either one of the founders of the group, or you were just kind of along for the ride and kept at arm’s length. Spend enough time being treated as an outsider and you find yourself wanting to move on pretty quick.

RvB corrupt!!! Long story? I’m interested to know the details… Like I know there were always some spies mixed in with the group and we were essentially always at war with some pvp corps looking for easy killmail padding, but to call them corrupt raises some questions…

Yeah, one of the first things I noticed when undocking from Jita is that my old safe undock bookmarks were on the wrong side of the station. Seems like they made some rather big changes since the last time I logged in.

I mean… I’ve been keeping a casual eye on eve-offline for years, but player numbers don’t really say anything substantive about the state of the game. Sure the daily concurrent player count has been stable for a long time, but that could just as easily mean that everyone had become a high-sec miner or that the entire population lives in nullsec now and is segmented off into tight groupings that have no room for new blood. The point is that the state of the game is more about “feel” than raw numbers.

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Instructions unclear, undocked in pod and self destructed…

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You’d think so, but no. If you’re looking to make money, the abyss is new PvE content that offers a good progression path and can offer a good isk efficiency at the higher levels. Incursions are relatively easy to get into (assuming you can fly a BS), and the social aspect is nice for those that desire it. Exploration is still good, assuming you know what you’re doing. All forms of trade or still good (oh, watch out for brokers fee’s however, as they have increased. So don’t sit around 1 isking people, or it will eat your lunch).

Now’s not the best time to get into industry or mining. There are changes coming soon though. So, keep an eye on the space if it is something that you’re interested in.

People are complaining about the new dynamic bounty system and ESS when it comes to ratting. But other people are having fun with it and making more money than before. So, it really comes down to whether or not your willing to chase new strats, or sit around getting angry because your deprecated strats are no longer optimal.

How does one access these?

As far as I know, Eve Uni is still good to go.

I’m not super up on the details with RvB, but there was a coup, and then the new leadership let things go to ■■■■ and bailed extremely quickly. They handed the keys over to someone else, but I’m not sure if he’s managing to turn things around or not.

Filaments come from exploration content, login rewards, and the abyss itself. However, you can buy the lower tier filaments on the market for quite cheap.

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I’ve done Incursions in the past, but IIRC it’s generally pretty hard to get a seat at the table unless you’re bringing a ton of bling and I’ve never been the type to be comfortable running around in an ultra-shiny, faction fitted battleship. Also, unless things have changed, there wasn’t much of a social aspect to it back in the day… just the FC calling shots and everyone else just being F1 monkeys…

How do you go about accessing this? Is it like Incursions where you need to find the group doing them and try to get in on it, or is it a more solo experience?

How does the dynamic system pan out in hisec? Based on the information I’ve just read, it seems like its really geared toward preventing “safe” nullsec ratting systems from developing, but I’m not seeing myself getting out into nullsec any time soon…

Ahh, so normal RvB behavior then… No offense meant toward the people who run it, but its always felt like nobody ever actually wanted leadership and how well it was run was always a function of how much responsibility the current leadership felt towards it when it fell into their laps…