Thinking of coming back after a long hiatus. What's the current state?

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Hi gang,

Been out of Eve since early 2016 and am thinking of coming back. I was learning to small gang commander in a Command ship and buffing up on logi. was doing noob-friendly small PvP. Was thinking about learning about WH life but RL kind of exploded on me and I had to fade out. I got some time these days now though.

I have been watching the releases and watching the adds/changes, but what’s the state of the game from player perspective? Better than ever? Same old? F*cked and broken?

What say you?


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Can’t go wrong with a WH corp that has a NS static if you’re looking for content.

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You can find other threads in general discussion asking the same question. Because different players define “fun” or “winning” differently, just dive in and find out for yourself :wink:

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