Thinking of coming back after a long hiatus. What's the current state?

Hi gang,

Been out of Eve since early 2016 and am thinking of coming back. I was learning to small gang commander in a Command ship and buffing up on logi. was doing noob-friendly small PvP. Was thinking about learning about WH life but RL kind of exploded on me and I had to fade out. I got some time these days now though.

I have been watching the releases and watching the adds/changes, but what’s the state of the game from player perspective? Better than ever? Same old? F*cked and broken?

What say you?


Can’t go wrong with a WH corp that has a NS static if you’re looking for content.

You can find other threads in general discussion asking the same question. Because different players define “fun” or “winning” differently, just dive in and find out for yourself :wink:

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