Sniping Sleepless Sentinels, at what range do they fire back?

Hi All,
I am currently tinkering with a Naga sniper fit. And need to find the optimal engagement range for my kiting sniper ship.
I know my only opppnents in the gas site I am going for will be 4 Sleepless Sentinels.
Using eve survival I found out that they have turrets with a max range of 50km and shoot missiles with a range of about 148km. However the note says: Shoots from 75km for both the turret and the missiles. Would this mean their max targeting is 75km. So if I stay outside of 75km I can shoot them and they will not shoot me?

Thanks for some advise. It will drastically change my fit I dont have to kite at >150km.

Bonus question: Can I kite them away from their site endlessly? at what distance are they considered to be offgrid from the gas site and will they return if the target they chase warps away?

kind regards

If you plan on kiting those, you should make a mwd cap stable or they will approach and alpha your Naga into wreck.

If I recall correctly, orbiting those sentinels at > 100km was enough to evade the damage.

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