Local Chat doesn't work and can't view ships over 1000 KM

Hey, today I logged on to do some testing with a >1000km sniper SuperCarrier and I could not view any ships that far away even though the day before it worked from the same position. Also, I cannot see anyone in the local chat even though there are people on Sisi. Anyone else having this problem?

I can’t say anything about your problem, but I find sniper supercarrier funny.

Can the drone pilot in the army now also be called a sniper if he controls the drones at a distance of 1000 km?

B u g r e p o r t. Works better than forums for SiSi

I love my sniper Nyx, you lock onto people from a nearby friendly keep star with a Nyx, wait like 3 minutes for your fighters to finally fly there, and then just bomb everyone and killmail whore hahaha. It has a targeting range of like 7000km so I should be able to see ships from 1000km

Okokokoko Ill make a bug report.

will keep that in mind and just warp right on top of you with hics and dreads. good night Irene.

Grids can be strange, some day two structures are in the same grid, another day the other structure and ships near it are on another grid.

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