Look I can post as a character I sold


(BlkHawke Down) #1

This seems broken

So about 12 hours ago, the sale of this character would have completed and it is no longer on my account, however it would appear I can continue to post as it

@CCP_Falcon might be worth getting this looked at

(CCP Falcon) #2

We’ll take a look at this :slight_smile:

(BlkHawke Down) #3

Thanks, I will log out of this account now so it should correct, but there could be people who would use it nefariously

(Steve Ronuken) #4

This was highlighted to the dev team, but unfortunately I only realized it’d be a problem a few days ago. (So I only raised it recently)

As far as I’m aware, you can force a logout for all attached clients, by logging out. It invalidates all sessions for that account.

It’s not optimal, but I believe it’s being looked into.