Looking Alpha,New Players,& Veterans Alike To Make a Great New Bro Corp

We are looking for new members,new or old players are welcome
We are Based in the Caldari Space
We US Timezone corp.
We are a Indy corp,Mission Running,and Incursion Runners that have over 10 years of time in this game.

We Offer:

    1. A friendly welcoming atmosphere
    1. Newbro help and advice
    1. Regular mining fleets
    1. Ore buy-back
    1. Help with ship set-ups
    1. New pilot Induction sessions
    1. Incursions Training
    1. Max Mining Boost

What we are looking for:

  • Miners
  • Boosters
  • Pi
  • Mission runners
  • Incurision runners

We are small, but we have experience in the area’s we operate and we aim to expand the Corp.

In Game Join our Pub:

Rough Riderz LLC Pub




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