Returning player looking for a corp

Hi Eve’s people.

I’m returning to the game after a break of many years… Looking for a corp in Amarr region (high or low sec) in EST/EDT timezone. Ready to do any kind of things (mining, PVP, PVE, etc.). I’m not a PVP expert though.

I have 39.7M Skill points, a couple of ships. I have another toon specialized in mining with high skill

Come by check us out.

Hey check us out! We live in Amarr Low-sec

Come check us out

We’re The Order of Omerta we are a mining, indy Corp who even enjoy pvp, looking for more pilots. We need miners, ratters, pvpers and industrialists to join our tight knit family and help us make the most outta our little Corp.

We are very relaxed and let you play how you want (within reason). We’re set up with access to HS and NS space to fly in. We are in a null alliance but have a HS Corp that is wardec free for all your hisec toons to operate in hisec relatively worry free. Corp structures available for indy needs.

We love to mine and hold regular fleets and have tons of moons, ore and ice belts to mine with max boosts. We have low cost structures to get those indy wheels going along with a vast library of BPs and a buyback to buy your finished goods and ores.

For all you pvpers we got plenty of content for you to join. CTAs to help shape the ever changing political landscape to small gang roams and defense fleets up to full blown coalition fleets for strat objectives. Whatever your killer desire you can likely find it here.

We are a community and want players who will be on coms and in fleets with us enjoying the game. We’re looking for mature players who don’t take the game too serious but are also goal oriented and helpful as we have many returning and newer players and we wish to teach them to play the game in an environment free of constant obligations. Play how you like here.

What we’re looking for:
Active at least a couple times a month.
ESI check.
Voice interview.
Mic for coms (mandatory for null).
Helpful attitude.
Willingness to join in on coms and fleets.
No drama.

So if you think you want to join us message Varina Vengari in game or DM me here.

Welcome back Sabey!

We have a great home waiting for you in Guns! We are in Amarr adjacent null with a stable and lower traffic pocket that allows for plenty of isk making activities, as well as small gang PVP if that is of interest as well. So much ore you would burn out if you tried to mine it all, and a chill group of guys where there’s enough to get stuff done, but not so many that you cant get a word in on comms.

Check out our ad and hopefully we can chat soon!

What about joining the side of the law??

Hey dude,
We live in highsec and nullsec. Our highsec staging Fahruni which is 4 jumps from Amarr trade hub. If you want to get join us mail in-game Stella Farfella or Zloh Kee. These guys will take you into our university corp (Madness University) from where you can graduate to the corps in Cosmic Accord or stay with Legitimate Business (which is our non wardeccable alliance for people who don’t want to get bullied by war targets in highsec).

Invictus Imperium is looking for Team players who are interested in PVE & PVP

We will provide content and corporation ops for:

*Corp/Alliance Discord(we ask you use it)
*Coalition Mumble

  • co-op abyssal runs
  • mission running
  • deep exploration runs
  • PI production chains
  • Incursion running
  • sponsored PVP
  • manufacturing
  • mentoring program

We welcome:

  • omega and alpha clones
  • no minimum SP required, just goodwill


  • the corporation is currently based in Fountain space 0.0 sov
  • we have acces to a stations owned by a corp and have our own moons
  • we have 10% tax rate to fund in corp SRP & have alliance SRP for alliance ops/coalition ops
  • we will offer ships with fits for the sponsored corporation ops
    *Corp buyback

If you want to talk more, send a PM or an email.
Wyvvern Psycorax - SA
Bioshibby thedestroyer - EU
Episcopus Raptor - EU
Vilewoman - US
Talon Blacksheer - US

Why Amarr only? have ya thought null Sec

Wanna have that conversation?

Minmatar Space! but we might tick a few of your wants! drop in for a chat!

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