Looking for 20 to 40mil sp character for 9 bil isk

(lantean Grey) #1

I m looking for 40 mil sp character for 9 bil isk…Good miner is preferable…

(SarnBix) #2

well thats about 1/4th the price of a 40m sp character

(lantean Grey) #3

I bought 37 mil sp character for 8 bil isk before…

(Pheonnon Day) #4

Sir if you look at other posts on the Character Bazaar you can see the general price. I think 8 mil can get you at most a 12mil SP character.

(lantean Grey) #5

But i bought keira saraki 37.5 sp with 8 bil isk…Let me try it again please…

(Maizie Fields) #6

And then these things called Skill Injectors came along…

(Pheonnon Day) #7

yes but that was more than 2 years ago when old PLEX was not 1.4bil each and there were no skill injectors. In fact I think PLEX as less than 1 bil at the time

(lantean Grey) #8

Yes…but everything is possible in trade.i ll try 20 to 40 sp…

(SarnBix) #9

people could just skill extract a 40m so character and make more than 20b. you’ve gotta offer like 35b minimum to make it worth it.

(system) #10

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