Looking for a 5bil collateralized loan

Looking for someone that is in Pandemic Horde to give me a around 5 bil loan. This loan will be around 110% collateralized.

Rate will be 5% a month.
Loan should be returned in approximately one month but may be extended. If the loan is extended, I will pay 5% interest on the loan on the start of each subsequent month.

Do they not have their own forums where you can post this if you are limiting it to just them.

I’ve tried not much response.

Then why limit it to them on a open forum… anyway, good luck

Thing is even if they are not in ph its super easy to join. Literally any new account can join. The reason I’m limiting it to Pandemic Horde is because my collateral is in our staging keepstar. Technically the rest of the players can fill the loan but the collateral will be unaccessible to them :stuck_out_tongue:

Link me the colletrall. Maybe I will fill your loan. would you accept an 3rd party for the collateral and the ISK?

I will link the collateral once I get back home. I would accept a third party if they are okay with the collateral being in the pandemic horde keepstar

Its been filled sorry

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