Looking for a Alliance full of freedom? Try on House Raiding Comms

Hello, I am King Amaarian, Leader of House Raiding Comms. I come to you with a message as a local of Amarr as well as a rebel to return Providence to its original state.

Our Alliance is about

  • Having a good time
  • Doing the dumbest ■■■■ possible
  • Making the eve community less toxic

Our Goals For the Alliance

  • Take back and restore Providence
  • Give eve newbros and veterans the best of expierences
  • To get 100+ active players in the alliance

What we require

  • Nothing, just apply your corp to the alliance “House Raiding Comms” although, it is recommended joining the discord.

Why we do what we do?

  • EVE Is meant for all gamers and non gamers of every kind, no matter age, gender, or preference and we want to show everyone that by giving the same experience of blopping stuff together as a group.
    Come fly with us, the experience is like no other.

Alliance Information

  • We pay the alliance maintenance bill so dont worry about that.
  • We have a discord Full of 500+ people that is not just eve players, but a whole gaming community
  • Any Streamers in the alliance get a chance to join our “streamer program” for those interested
  • We are based in Amarr, so we have access to a market and a very easy access to null, low, and high sec.
  • Contact me if you are ever going to place a structure, as it is a very risky play to have one.

A note to all capsuleers,

We, as a alliance appreciate you, and our public channel we use is called “DarkLordRunner” and if you want to just join our corp, no worries, we have multiple you can join!

Praise be Bob, bless all of you for reading this message.

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