Looking for a beginner friendly mining corp!

As the title says,

I am looking for a corp to do some mining or PvE content with (also happy and interested to learn PvP). I’m an AU TZ player looking for a friendly group of people to play EVE with, and who can hopefully teach me a thing or two and also make my time in Tranquility even more fun :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading and fly safe o7

Lockheart Trading Company is a small corporation who is a part of the Hardly Competent Alliance. We have access to High, low and Null sec systems in Solitude/Syndicate. We mostly do small to medium gang things. Very chill and laid back group of people in the corp and in the alliance, whom do the things that they want to

Our Focus + How You Benefit from joining us

Lockheart Trading Company focuses on four core pillars of activity: Abyssals, Warfare, Exploration, and Industry. We offer both new and experienced players the chance to join our community, work toward larger goals together, and enjoy the game.

For all players, we offer the following both from the corp and from the alliance:

  • Experienced, friendly members who are ready to help you develop along your chosen career path so you can get right into different things offered by EVE online when you join us.

  • Free ships to get you started for different roles and purposes when you have skilled up to them.

  • Select PvP “doctrine” ships that will let you participate in any fleet without waiting months to be in “the right ship”.

  • Small to medium gang pvp content every week.

  • ISK-positive mentorship: We’ll help you learn how to make the ISK you need to survive and flourish. Everything from mining, pve and industry.

  • SRP as normally offered by other alliances and corps.

  • If you do Industry and mining, we have moons and structures for you with good taxes and a solution for you to sell the things you make, either to the alliance/corp through orders and buyback.

  • If you like Abyssals or PVE or exploration in general, we have buyback programs, and other people who like to do PVE who you can go out together with and learn, or get help from. Or just do PVE together in general. We also have LP buyback for people who do missions.

  • If you explore, we have buybacks for what you find, and you’ll get a cut of the loot when you find content for us.

  • Diving in Wormhole from time to time to get new experience and earn isk for our members

  • Internal market or alliance/corp hauling services for people who needs stuff or wants to sell stuff

  • Chill group of players who do what they want or need to do :slight_smile:

If you’d like what you read or is interested overall, send wardast NCIV a message ingame or join our Discord channel and @ me: Lockheart Trading Company

If I’m not available we’ll get you connected with a recruiter.

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Hey Cursed-Jackal,

In game mail sent.

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