Lockheart Trading Company - LF Miners, PvPers, PvErs

RECRUITMENT VIDEO: https://youtu.be/N3YOr3XrjHs

Hello everyone!

Lockheart Trading Company is looking to grow its industry, PvP, and PvE sectors (and with regard to PvE, incursions and abyssals are currently of particular interest to us).

We’re Amarr high-sec. based with ambitions of expanding to null-sec. within the next year, and we’re looking to build a positive, friendly community of people to enjoy Eve with.

We offer:

  • Ore Buyback Program
  • Ship Upgrade Program (for new players)
  • Daily moon mining opportunities
  • Scheduled (and impromptu) PvP roams
  • Null-sec. ambitions
  • Wardec immunity
  • RL-first community

Our main requirements are that you have a positive attitude, a willingness to contribute your strengths to building up the corporation, and a desire to move to null-sec. one day.

Send a mail to Martin Lockheart, Lucien Ross, or Sato Kixx to interview.

Martin Lockheart

I am Interested you can message me in game

Do you have any other ways i can chat with you, I wont be able to log in atm i have someone doing some work on my pc

Mail sent!

You can download the Neocom II app on your phone and you can Evemail me through that, or I can add you on Discord. Whatever works for you.

We are still recruiting (and we’ve grown quite rapidly).

Our mining wing is currently our top priority, so if you are a miner, it’s a good time to join us. We have some good things on the horizon.

May be interested. What area are you based.

Amarr space atm. High-sec.

You’re welcome to send me a mail or convo ingame!

We’re still recruiting, and we’ve grown quite a bit!

Sent you a App and Mail ingame

Updated the main text. We’re still recruiting, and we have several new opportunities on the horizon.

We are still recruiting, and we’ve made some adjustments! We recently started an alliance, and we have a lot more to offer our members.

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