Lockheart Trading Company | Recruiting Pilots for PvP and Triglavian Content

Our NEW recruitment video: https://youtu.be/KQDf1Z9S_Vw

Triglavians have invaded New Eden, and their schemes continue to unfold. After over a year of growth and development, the members of Lockheart Trading Company have set their sights on the wealth to be found in both the depths of Abyssal deadspace and the systems the Triglavians are invading.

We’re a low/high-sec. based corporation with null-sec. ambitions. If you’re a positivity-minded human(ish)-being interested in PvP, Abyssals, Invasions, or Mining, then PM Martin Lockheart ingame.

Come join us.

Though New Eden burns, we will remain.


Go get those bastards

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Daily Bump. Still recruiting.

Another day another bump. WH loot pinata last night, plenty of abyssal loot from a pve session with the lads.
Content is content.

Still recruiting, newbro’s welcome. No F1 monkey’s or cannon fodder with us.

Another day another bump. Last nights action was a scrap over an R64 moon and plenty of response fleets.

Content is content :grin:

Lots of fun stuff going on here :smiley: Any interested parties can PM Sato or me for more info.

Ok, so past few days. We killed a mini cap fleet including a FAX with just a few battlecruisers and bombers. We had a few scraps with CVA for some content.

Then we did the usual, abyssal fleets and mining fleets to make some isk and some roams to FW and Providence in frigates for the newbros to learn PvP.

Recruitment is still open. Feel free to message me or “Martin Lockheart” in game for more info.

So 4 days have passed. We took more moons in lowsec, we recruited new players and showed them how to enjoy the game. Most Importantly though our junior fc’s went out and had some fun in frigates alongside some new players.

A few kills nothing spectacular.

Come and join the fun. Message me in game or Martin for details.

So the last 24 hours what have we been doing?

We went on patrol around CVA space and they caught me on my way home but my fleet and loot from ganking were safe.

Then we had a few more serious chest beating scraps with CVA in the evening. All in the name of content and good fights.
Then the guys went roaming around Rzr space, got dropped on by supers, scrapped for more good fights and got some good loot home.

Come and join the chaos.

Lots of good fun roams lately, and plenty of pilots getting into Triglavian content if anyone would like to join us!

So what have we been upto over the last few days?
Some of the guys have made hundreds of millions of isk and some billions in abyssal loot or from lowsec/highsec moon mining.
Then the guys and girls have gone out into wormholes for a scrap with Hole Control as well as the usual lowsec fights for content with ProviBlock.
Good Content is becoming a daily thing for our corp now.

Its been two weeks since my last bump. So what have we been upto?

Well our lowsec expansion continues. We fought Proviblock over an R64 moon, and won. Several more scraps over other lowsec R64’s but slow gradual progress.

Highsec living, low/nullsec big fights. Our guys are living the dream.

I want to join. Please let me in.

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