Lockheart Trading Company | Active PvP, Experienced Leadership, New-Player Positive

The Story

Nearly three years ago, our corporation started out as a high-sec industry corp.

But after struggling through some devastating losses, and after being forced into low-sec by a group that “didn’t like our alliance’s name”, we realized that we need to learn to fight.

So we learned, and we fought hard to protect what we had. And over time, we found that we enjoyed war. Some of us even became halfway-decent at it, and after fighting a difficult war of attrition against Provibloc, we claimed sov in Providence and held it as a member of Rekking Crew for over a year.

Now, for the first time in a very long time, our corporation is just a member of Hardly Competent, our alliance. No coalitions. No blues. We’re just fully focused on developing ourselves and building our community in a fresh way.

Our Focus + How You Benefit

Lockheart Trading Company focuses on four core pillars of activity: Abyssals, Warfare, Exploration, and Industry. We offer both new and experienced players the chance to join our community, work toward larger goals together, and enjoy the game.

For new players, we offer the following:

  • Experienced, friendly members who are ready to help you develop along your chosen career path
  • Free ships to get you started
  • Select PvP “doctrine” ships that will let you participate in any fleet without waiting months to be in “the right ship”
  • ISK-positive mentorship: We’ll help you learn how to make the ISK you need to survive and flourish.

And for everyone (new and old):

  • If you PvP, we have SRP. Come die and pay less to do so.
  • If you do Industry, we have moons and structures.
  • If you like Abyssals, we have buyback programs, and other people who like Abyssals (we understand)
  • If you explore, we have buybacks for what you find, and you’ll get a cut of the loot when you find content for us.

Our Requirements

What we require is pretty straightforward. If you don’t meet the requirements below, membership isn’t an option - but if that changes for you, feel free to reach out.

  • Friendly demeanor. We’re not interested in recruiting angsty douchebags. If you can’t be a decent adult, there are plenty of other groups for you.
  • A working mic and the desire to use it. If you aren’t able or willing to be on voice when you’re online, we can’t accommodate you at this time.
  • An Omega account. If you’re an Alpha player, you’ll need to go Omega. Our best fittings, even for newer players, require Omega status to use.
  • A willingness to PvP. You don’t have to be good at it, and you don’t need to know how. We’ll work with you and teach you. But everyone needs to be willing to PvP, even if that’s not what you do for your main Eve career.

Your Choice, Your Story

If you’d like to make your story with us, send Martin Lockheart a message ingame or join our Discord channel and @ me: Lockheart Trading Company

If I’m not available we’ll get you connected with a recruiter.

Martin Lockheart

Oh, and here’s a video. War Profiteers - YouTube

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