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Hello everyone!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Martin Lockheart, CEO of Lockheart Trading Company - and I have a little story to tell you.

About two years ago, I returned to the game after a long break ('06 player here) and decided I’d take advantage of the wardec changes and start a new corp. I wanted to build a place with solid people who wanted to enjoy the game together.

So I started recruiting miners, industrialists, and incursion-runners - and we had fun. We built some sandcastles, we started building an alliance - and then we got kicked out of high-sec and into low-sec.

Then we struggled and fought to exist. We learned to PvP, and many who were once simple miners found they enjoyed it. Eventually we found ourselves at the front-lines of a war against CVA, and alongside our alliance and our coalition, we prevailed and took sov in Providence.

Now, we’re a smaller, tight-knit group of sov-holders. We have new opportunities and higher expectations, but we’re still looking to do what we first intended: Enjoy the game with solid people.

Our requirements are as follows:

  • Must be respectful and work well with others
  • 10mil SP Minimum
  • Some PvP experience required
  • Willingness to train toward PvP doctrines
  • Active: RL first, but we want dedicated people
  • T3C capability a plus
  • Interest in BLOPs a plus
  • Interest in Abyssals a plus

If you’re interested in learning more - if you want to hang out with a good group of people and be a part of building something fresh - send me a mail ingame. I’m happy to chat with you (and if we aren’t a good fit, I can probably send you in the right direction).

Martin Lockheart

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