Lockheart Trading Company | Null, War, ISK

Over the past two years, LHTC has flourished, adapted, and matured. We started out as a laid-back high-sec indy corp, but after a transition to low-sec, a war with Provibloc, and our more recent settling of null-sec, we found that we enjoyed war - so that’s our priority.

We’re looking for active, dedicated players who want to be part of building something fresh to join us as we continue our journey - and we have a lot to offer you, including:

1) Experienced leadership (hello from 2006)
2) Regular fleets, from small-scale (10 man) to mid-scale (200+)
3) SRP (PvP more, grind less)
4) Triglavian Loot Buyback (some of us like Abyssals)
5) Friendly people (we have atmosphere expectations)

What we expect from our members is the desire to PvP, regular activity, and a willingness to socialize and hang out on voice comms. We currently have a 10mil SP minimum as well (more is better, less is potentially acceptable depending on your situation).

A few relevant BRs (we like to involved ourselves in a variety of content):

PM Martin Lockheart ingame for details on joining.

Merges are also welcome, and our alliance (Hardly Competent) is always recruiting established corps.

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