Lockheart Trading Company needs you!


Lockheart Trading Company is looking for new recruits to join its ranks. We are currently a low-sec based corp (alliance) with a Null-sec dream. To accomplish this dream we need YOU!

Come join our ranks and take part in everything that New Eden has to offer. We have Capsuleers of all skill levels and Capsuleers who specialize in their respected professions.

Come join a corp/alliance that you can take part in and watch grow. Don’t become an F1 monkey and a number to a corp that just wants your ship. We want YOU!

We are a Real Life first corp who understands that daily life is more important than being online and available for pings 24/7.

And don’t let the corp name fool you. We do more than just trade! We have Mining fleets, PVP roaming fleets, Abyssal running, Mission running, ratting and much more. Come join us and make a difference in New Eden.

We are looking for all players across all time zones!

Watch and or listen to our CEO on Talking in Stations https://youtu.be/rKbE5tr8NEE

Contact Matavie Savage in game for more details.

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