Looking For A Corp? One Read, That's All I Ask [Two Steps From Hell] High/Low/WH - PvP/PvE - Highly Active

Welcome to Two Steps From Hell (Yes I Love The Music)

We have a quiet low sec area for industry :slight_smile: Also the high sec is pretty good :slight_smile:

What does the corp offer - All of it.

PvP - 3-4 fleets a week
Missions - level 1-4 agents (In HQ & Next Door)
Mining - Industrial corp with Moon Mining Stations
Ore Buyback - Full Ore Buy Back Program
Salvage - Full Salvage Buy Back Program
PI Materials - Full Buy Back Program
Wormhole - C2 with static Highsec & C3 Static Attached
Exploration - This is in High/Low/Null/WH Space
Ships For Fleets - New players and newish players are handed ships for free, fully fitted for PvP.
Planetary Interaction - Wormhole PI & Low Sec PI

NOTICE: We will provide 3-4 fleets a week using T1/Faction frigates i.e roams, we work with several corporations and alliances on our fleets. We DO NOT however provide entertainments during the non fleet times. What you do when not fleeted is completely up to you. We simply provide direction and knowledge.

Corp Upcoming Events: - All Ships Provided By Corp

Tier 1 Rumble - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gW4a8MTPfXo <-- video of the rumble
Cruiser Roam
Incursus Roam
Garmur Roam

Everyone likes to group up, hunt, mission, mine etc. The corp is VERY active, most active from around 16:00 eve time to 01:00 eve time but there is people online 24/7

  1. We believe in “social and free moving gameplay” - Simply put this means you are either online or not, you attend whatever ops you want to, when you want, IRL always comes first.

  2. We run low sec PvP roams in a variety of ships. From frigates to destroyers to cruisers to gank fleets, it doesn’t matter whether you are brand new in a frigate running the “tackler” role to a 100mil sp player running a Deimos with a faction fit, anyone is welcome on these roams.

  3. Low sec offers opportunities from PVP TO PVE. With anyone able to make large amounts of ISK if you have the courage to risk your ship, nothing ventured, nothing gained, it is all risk vs reward in low sec space.

  4. Exploration sites in low sec are very lucrative, the question is, do you want to earn that ISK?

We can provide fully fit alpha pvp frigs to new players, we keep a stock

All our guides and PVP fleet videos - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1UFWwaxRYpyJdqgl3spq9g

We take alphas & omegas, whether you are new or not we have a YouTube channel with guides on to help you do anything you want to in Eve.

This Happens Alot

Latest Tutorial Video

Overview Setup & Sorted

So, if this is a corporation you want to be part of then drop into our ingame channel EvoTube and come have a chat.

No APIS required.

See you soon!


New Peeps are in, still looking.

Still looking, ! Bump

Bump, still looking :slight_smile:

i was forced to come here under the threat of been lead into a PvE site


Bump peeps


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bumps - New recruits and they are loving it!

One of those new recruits. I’m a very inexperienced player and these guys happily took me in and it’s been a blast. Fun romps through Low-Sec. Helpful advice. All kinds of support. Great place to learn and enjoy a lot of PvP action.


Thanks Erik!

We go back to the top cause we are top!

Bumps - Still looking

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first corp in a long time that i have been with that you can just have fun do what you want when you want, no racism or discrimination which is a breath of fresh air compared to a few corps i have been in recently who also seem to care about nothing more than their killboard,

i enjoy solo pvp so im gonna lose ships its a fact but some corps tell you you’re bad if you lose a ship, with this corp its about enjoying the game we love

its just nice to be in a good friendly positive community


Daily Bump, Growing nicely and keeping the banter alive

Great Corp , joined up day one and have not looked back , great banter and loads of events . There is always help on hand when you need it as well as a solid discord channel.

You are well supported whether new or old to the game and are not forced to do anything you are not keen on .
If you screw up and get blown up its seen as “oh well lol” rather then a massive deal that may make you feel stupid . No Judgements made .

Come join the fun and be part of something that encompasses the spirit of Eve online

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We are here, & we are waiting :slight_smile:
Daily bump

Two Steps From Hell - The Chronicles of;
Chapter I - To the Cyno!

Evasive stared out into space observing the wonders of his surroundings,
somehow finding beauty amidst the pirate infested squallor of low-security space.
That is, until his ships overview updated to alert him to the presence of a cynosorul field,
as he gazed upon it his eyes filled with a hatred unmatched even by Kuvakei himself.

He didn’t know why but he hated what he saw, he clenched his fists and aligned his ship to the cynosorul field.
With that he gave the command to his fleet of misfits and outcasts “To the Cyno!”. As his fleet hurled through space towards their unsuspecting yet defensless target, Evasive sneered as his hands shook with pure rage.

As they landed on their target he barked at his fellow pirates “KILLLL HIMMM!”. His fleet happily obliged, leaving nothing but a mangled wreck in the corvette’s place. During the gleeful melee the pilot managed to escape in his pod but Evasive didn’t care. In his mind he had eliminated one of the many manifestations of greed and corporate control that had infested his beloved New Eden.

Lot’s of fun, lots of kills (when we’re not dying ourselves) and good banter with none of the shitty politics that likes to float around the bigger alliances. Just a shame the FC is pants. Still you’ll learn a lot from these guys and they’re only too happy to help you out if you’re struggling with fits 'n such.

Fond of your kb? You can ■■■■ right off lol, 'cos this ain’t the corp for you. What should you expect? Expect to die a lot, expect the FC to ■■■■ up frequently but expect to have a lot of fun.


I am loving the story above, really captures our insane lust for killing cynos haha

Daily Bump