Two Steps From Hell - 6 Fleets A Week


So, who Am I? I have played this game since the beginning, Iv’e been in major alliances, fleet commanded capital fleets down to frigate fleets, lived in null security space for 8 years and now, I do streams 6 nights a week, so this is where you come in. Below I will outline what we are looking.

We have no blues, nor do we intend to have any
We believe that a PvP corp should have no allies and no help
To us, everyone in Eve Online is a target

  1. Fleets: We run fleets 6 nights a week, we have 4 experienced FCS in corporation. We run anything from destroyers to frigates to cruisers to w/e we have.

  2. Killboards: We have a zero tolerance for killboards i.e we don’t care, we play Eve Online to have fun. It’s that simple. We have a very laughable attitude to PvP.

  3. New players: Alpha’s, I have the largest collection of Eve Online guides on YouTube (search my name) and we welcome any and all new players, we will give you fits so that you can fight within an hour of joining Eve Online.

  4. Operations: I.e the fleets, NOTHING is mandatory, you are either online or not. You can either come or don’t. The choice is yours.

  5. War Decs: We ignore them, we operate in low sec space with a high sec HQ. We are not interested In getting into it with T3 pilots with links and logi on hand. We prefer straight up brawling.

  6. Communications: We run a discord server which you would be required to use to come on fleets, no mic is needed, just the ability to listen.

  7. How do I get ships to HQ if war decked?: We have neutral freighters than can move stuff from Jita to HQ, it is not an issue. Or if you require help in joining and asset relocation to HQ, it will be done.

  8. How to join us?: Join a channel in-game called 2S Public - Read the MOTD, follow the instructions and apply.

  9. When do you fleet up?: We start fleets between 19:30-19:45 Game Time - We sometimes join other public fleets but not much.

This is what we are, what we are looking for and what we expect from the guys joining.

Respect tot each other.
No Politics
No Racism.
Be polite to female members (They are not here for your amusement)
Be on time for fleets if you attend.
Use the coms when fleeted.

Other than that! Come join us!

One Up

One Up

One Up

One Up

One Up

One Up

One Up

One up

Lot’s of new faces over the course of the weeks, come join the fun

New HQ, lot’s of fights - Come join us

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