Looking for a bit of low sec pew pew? Two Steps from Hell recruitment is open!

Looking for a better understanding of Eve in a relaxed and fun way? Wanting to try your hand at pvp with people who don’t worry about the status of the killboard all the the time? Or just looking for a group to sit back and chill with?

Two Steps from Hell is a semi casual low sec, small gang/solo pvp corp looking to expand our numbers again. We’re looking for players who want to go out and enjoy their pvp no matter if it’s us or the other guys exploding - and help others do the same.

So what are we offering?

  • EU and US time zones.
  • PvP fleets at least 3 out of 7 days for fun and kicks.
  • Ships available for corp roams and ops.
  • Discord Channel for voice comms.
  • Hauling service.
  • In-game help and advice from experienced players.
  • New friends to roam with.
  • Banter and general insanity.

Come into the TSFH - Recruitment channel in game to meet us and have a chat.

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Daily bump for potential recruits.

Daily recruitment open reminder!

We are still recruiting!

Recruitment is still open.

Still looking for new recruits.

We are still recruiting!

Daily recruitment is open reminder.

Still looking for new recruits.

Recruitment open once again!

Looking for recruits.

I am interest in joining. I will see if I can find your corp when I log on tonight . Email me in game please

Recruitment still open, hop in our in game pub channel for a chat

Still looking for peeps to fly with.

Recruitment still open.

Looking for recruits.

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