New casual industry corp looking for members, Alpha/Newbro Friendly

Two Steps From The Rock is a new industrial corp with experienced leaders that have re branded to better assist our alliance.

We are operating casually and that means nothing is mandatory, you can fly and do what you want. No character checks are required to join however common decency between pilots is expected. We are here to have fun!

We will be running mining ops 2-4 times a week which will always have a few days notice via corp bulletins and our discord.
We offer an SRP (Ship Replacement Program) with very reasonable insurance bands and a very fairly priced buyback system is in place for all ores/minerals/PI materials you can get.

Our corp is not for profit, as long as we cover our costs and have fun doing so we are happy, and we want all of our members to be happy too!

For more information please join the ‘TSFHR Public’ in game chat channel.

Corporation is attached to us, meaning you can PvP with TSFH whilst being a member of TSFHR - So take the step, be the industry guy you want to be, be the pvp guy you want to be :slight_smile:

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