Two Steps From Hell, Looking for New Recruits

Looking for a group who wants to go their own way in New Eden? Wanting to step into the arena of pvp? Or are you just trying to find a bunch of crazy outlaws to shoot stuff with?

TSFHS is a Low sec based small gang/solo pvp corp currently operating in Placid. We’re looking for pilots to fight alongside while we continue building our community. You can be a Newbro or Bitter Vet - what matters to us is your willingness to improve, get involved and get stuck into a good fight.

So what do we offer?

*EU and US time zones.
*PvP fleets at least 3 out of 7 days for fun and kicks.
*Ships available for ops and roams.
*Discord Channel.
*Hauling service.
*In-game help and advice
*New friends to roam with.
*Banter and general insanity.

Join TSFH - Impressment our in game recruitment channel for more information.

Daily bump for recruits.

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