Looking for a corp that does incursion actively

all in the titles, im looking to join a corp that does incursion actively, been trying to do some myself but solo …
so anyway willing to join a corp, and contribute to it, regardless of play zone (high, low, null)

Join TDF-Official or Warp To Me Incursions channels in-game, create your own tax evasion corp and have fun flying!

oh thank you, wasnt aware of those channel thank for the info :smiley:

Incursion runners used to avoid forming corps because they wanted to avoid wardecs. I guess it is just a tradition now.

Biohazard. [-BIO-] is a low sec, no-drama, corporation. We believe EVE is best played in small gangs of pilots teaching each other, and in an environment that works for not only veterans, but also for newbros alike.

Meet us on discord: http://discord.gg/XaRrXz6 :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: .

Check us out!

Some of our corpmates take part in incursions. Join us!

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