Looking for a corporation

Ahoy !

I am looking for a corporation that suites my playstyle in the game. I’m mid 30s, EU TZ , I like mining, t2 manufacturing and trading. With not much left to train on those aspects, I’ve recently started training into combat with the aim being logistics, recons and fleet boosters.
Due to my job, my time for Eve is limited and I will not be able to attend unexpected alarm clock operations. I wanted to make this clearly !
Preferably the average age in corp should be around 30-40s , I have a low tolerance for teenage drama burst. Also not interested in 0.0 corps.

Might I recommend RogueCorp.

you are welcome with us

You’ll need to up your PvP game probably but maybe you fit our profile? Small EU place with 0 drama and 100% chill grownup dudes

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