Looking for a Gate Camping Corp

Hi there, I am looking for a Gate Camping Corp to pvp with and chill with.

We might interest you. Entropy Engine - Lowsec PVP Corp (And other stuff) - Recruiting now!

If you are interest just dm me :slight_smile:

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hi there m8

we do camping quite often so please have a look at our advert below


Do you have a discord or anywhere I could talk to you guys?

I need some help with border patrol. Let me know here or in game if you’d like to discuss more.


If you are still looking for high-sec and low-sec gate camps, you can have a look at us here.

Placid Central Police - PCP0 | GALMIL | FW | New Player / Alpha Friendly

This is our brand new feeder corp for The Potato Alliance | Alliance | zKillboard, We are based in Placid and camp a specific pipe regularly with Guardians of the Gate. We are also in FW so can camp high sec gates on occasion and break up some null-sec camps for the fun fights.

Jump into our discord: SPUD5 - Potato Alliance
Or come say hello in our in-game: SPUD5

Dm sent to you ingame for the discord :slight_smile:

Hi Id gladly hear you out

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