Looking for a good pvp home. Experienced pilot

Hi there I am looking for a new home.

What I am looking for is USTZ Late EU works too as I wfm.

PVP focused. I want a group who just likes shooting people

Super hunting is a +

blues if you have too many then don’t even bother.

Be open to content creation as well.

little about me. I have multiple accounts for many different roles. I have no issues flying anything as I have 130mil sp mostly into combat. I am isk self sufficient. I have FC experience and can run fleets as well.

Send me an eve-mail in-game

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Building a new corp. If your interested in building your own pvp core group hit me up I’ll be on this evening us tz…

hey man we pew every night and half our corp is west coast us tz.

we literally follow the content and have very few blues

Hey, we are EU/US East Coast TZ.
Also building on AU Timezone.

We’d love to talk with you:
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come check us out - RMC - The home of high class hookers, free booze and bouncy castles

Sent you an eve mail good luck on your search.

Sent email now

War Eagle Fleet is a proud member of the Fraternity Alliance, actively living and prospering in null sec alongside some fantastic allies. We are currently recruiting members who are eager to make lots of isk and get those dank frags. We are a group with some great PvP pilots, however we understand that this is not what EVE is all about, and we certainly are not elitists. It takes many hands to make a corporation tick, therefore we need builders, ratters, and everything in between. We will help anyone who wants to learn to PvP, but you need to enjoy the game and we give you the freedom to do that.

What we can offer you:

  • Corp activity across the EUTZ and USTZ primarily, although we are looking to develop AUTZ
  • Discord and Mumble for communications and interaction
  • PvP fleets with some fantastic FC’s (large scale, medium scale, small gang, and solo opportunities)
  • Nullsec space with some of the most valuable ores, moon goo, PI, and ratting anomalies in EVE (Dozens of moons pulling right now!
  • Supercapital umbrella for serious protection
  • Corp buyback program
  • Ratting & mining fleets + PVP
  • Access to great local markets (with jump bridges for easy access and travel)
  • The freedom to enjoy EVE as you see fit
  • Logistics network in place at great prices to move your things around
  • Low stress casual gameplay where EVE is seen as a game, not a job
  • Excellent team that will make you one of their own - WEF FAM!
    War Eagle Fleet Propaganda - YouTube

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