USTZ EST Returning Player 200+mil SP looking for 0.0

Hey all,

Returning player, several accounts, fly just about everything (pvp wise). Outside of some lowsec piracy and ganking I haven’t really played since 2018. I’m looking for 0.0, but I RARELY have time for long fleet ops… I guess I’d be more of a home defense/response kinda guy.

I used to run a large corp, FC and all that jazz. but now im old and lame with kids running around. I’d still like to still dip my toes in the eve pool. Got some space I can help defend?


Hello Beltway,

Do you have any interest to live in WH space?

You are Welcome with us :slightly_smiling_face:
Join our corp discord :grinning:

Hey man check us out “into the ether” we are the most active us corp in we form blob alliance based out of fade/dek area

Nightly fleet fights, corp roams and game nights

Idk faucets galore

I was in the army but won’t hold is against you :stuck_out_tongue:

Come talk to us sometime

Hey welcome abck to Eve!

We’re null-sec 0.0 neutral alliance to all the big blocs, we’re more about small-gang pvp / home defence then CTA / Tidi fuckfest large alliance fleets… I too have a child so can’t be on these long 2hr+
We’re a EU/USTZ chilled out alliance where you can make isk & shoot pixels when you have time to login.

We’re The Very Well Hung Alliance, our corp is called Lana Rhodes Appreciation Society.

Discord: The Very Well Hung Alliance
In-Game: “Well-Hung”

Come have a chat with us :slight_smile: .

o7 I understand your looking for 0.0 but would you consider joining lowsec pirates again? if so I think you would enjoy the atmosphere we bring to the game if you want the details i’ve linked them below feel free to have a read and see if it interests you if not thanks for your time and best of luck :slight_smile:

TSSOC is a laid back corp, sound slike we would be perfect for what your looking for

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