Stain NPC Space - EU Timezone - We are Happy Cartel - Looking for PVPers and Industry Specialists

I am the Diplo lead for Happy Cartel. We are based in Stain NPC. We have been based here for many years. We have formed a strong coalition in the area. In this phase we would like to take in 1-2 small to medium EU time zone PVP oriented Corps that would like to try life living in Stain.

-Must be self sufficient
-Must have some Nullsec and PVP experience.

We Offer:
Places to Rat/PVE/Mine/Ice/Reactions/Industrial support from Structures.
Small to Medium Gang PVP, Some Caps, Some Blops.
And rarely something bigger.

We are very chilled, you can play the game the way you wish.
We only ask to support the Alliance in time of need.

You can reply below or contact L0rdF1end in game or come by to Happy Public.

Many Thanks.

Pre downtime bump. Feel free to reach out for a chat if you have any further questions. I’ll be around and available in Happy Public or ping me direct. o/

Friendly bump, still looking for 1 or maybe 2 more groups.

Stay Happy!

DT bump time, we are still looking for various players to come join the fun in Stain. Reach us via Happy Public or via our Discord: Happy Cartel

DT time bump, all recruitment open. Visit our Alliance info for direct access to Happy Public or reach us via the Discord. Many Thanks.

Bumped off the undock.

Many Thanks for all the interest! Met a lot of very nice people through the process.

We are now looking for:

-Any corp, new, wanting to explore Nullsec for the first time that are PVP minded.
-Any PVP Vet Corp that wants a more chilled life.

Speak soon!

Afternoon everyone, bumping. As above, thanks for the interest!

Bump! Looking for a few more PVP orientated Corps that would like to try Nullsec without the Sov mechanics. Apply via Discord (link above) or visit our Alliance info ingame and click to join Happy Public.

Many Thanks.

Pre Downtime bump. We are still growing and looking for members and corps that would like to try life in Stain. EU and East coast US.

Many Thanks for any interest!

Discord: Happy Cartel
Or in game channel - direct link from our Alliance info tab - Happy Public

Daily bump, recruitment still open.

Daily bump, recruiting players and corps, apply within.

Happy Monday from Happy Cartel - The happiest Alliance in Eve.

Discord: Happy Cartel
Or in game channel - direct link from our Alliance info tab - Happy Public

Downtime bump, Recruitment is open!

Humpty Bumpty.

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