Looking for a guiding hand into FW (EUTZ)


I’m looking for a Corp that is in Gallente Federation Faction Warfare. I want to fight for a cause, not just any cause, but THIS cause! I AM Gallente, these are my people and are you my crowd? :grinning:

My play hours are generally 2100-01/0200hrs EUTZ.
About me:
IG: I have 15 years experience on my main in EVE; PvE all except a few events and Redemption Road Roams, Industry, Incursions, Missions, PI, Mining. I know a lot about this game but I also don’t know a lot. I know very little about PvP and how to apply the theory.

RL: I’m a veteran, an IT Engineer and dad to a young son.

Current Situation: I’m going through some RL stuff but looking to get into something to take my mind off it, learn some new skills and get some laughs with people. I’m not looking for super-serious “GET IN FLEET NOW” alarm clocking types of play style. I have enough going on.

I’ve watched countless videos, read guides and so I’m here, looking for a Corp with some kind of training/teaching ability to help me be an effective member of a team and community. I won’t hide this fact: I was in FEDUP/AIDER and recently discovered I’d been booted, probably for lack of activity. I didn’t undock once in about 4 months! Why you ask? Fear! I’ll be upfront as I was with them: I suffer from medically diagnosed anxiety and depression. I’ve got it licked for now but I get very nervous about unknown situations. They didn’t have a training/teaching plan or mentors who engage newbros and you’re left to “buy 10 ships, go explode and learn from it”. That’s OK for some, not me. I’m not risk averse or ISKie poor, I just need a little help, to grow my confidence and understand the fit I’m flying, what does what and the basics of applying it. “Get in fleet, bring tackle” isn’t what I’m looking for. “Hey Immortalis, let’s run through how to tackle, fit this mod, it does this, now you do X Y Z, practice on me now” is more my thing. Then I’ll X up all night long!

Well, that’s probably more typing that I’ve done in a long time. I’m sorry about that, but I hope that if you’ve read this far you can see I’m passionate about this direction. Am I what you’re looking for?


EDIT: I’m not knocking FEDUP/AIDER, their Discord is very active and I’m sure they’re pretty awesome. I’m just looking for something a little more “hand holding”. It wasn’t a knock or “throwing shade” that way. Please don’t disregard them if you read this and are looking for someone to join.

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More hand holding than fed up?

Don’t think you are going to find that on the Galmil side. Fed up is probably the most newbro friendly group in Galmil at this time.

You may want to try eve uni for
Basics even though they are not fw

Good luck friend

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Hadn’t even thought of EVE Uni, great shout bud, thank you.

I was in FedUp myself. I don’t consider them to hand hold at all. At least not in the mentor kind of way. I’m not sure if you recognize me, but I have started my own thing and have been part of Galmil since Inferno.

I started ARTEP for the express purpose of mentoring and guiding pilots into pvp. I understand many corporations claim to be new pilot friendly, but they don’t really SHOW you how to do anything. So I’m offering what nobody else does: combat training on a 1 on 1 basis. It’s what I like to do and my play time aligns with your own, as I am West Coast.

Let me know if you’re interested. I don’t charge for any of this. I enjoy it and also use Discord. Don’t be nervous. These exercises are simple and you’ll develop muscle memory for engaging, following fleet commands, and hopefully how to handle yourself in time without needing an FC to guide you all the time.

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Is that your time or Eve time? If it’s Eve time, 0100 is around 6pm my time, and that’s when I’m usually on for a few hours.

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Matari FW here,

First thanks for your input in newbros in FW : you got some good ideas that we probably miss.

buy 10 ships, go explode and learn from it

Yep, same on our side. Even if it is more “buy 50 ships” rather than “buy 10 ships”. Myself go in my own will in already lost match-ups just to see how long I last before dying.

Honest question : did you try posting your lossmail in your corp or alliance channel ? It’s usually this which gives the best advices. Like : “you should change your fit to this” “he had this type of gun, so you should have stayed at X km”, “it’s a bad match up, the counter would have been this or that”.

The trouble with FW is we expect our members to fight 1 vs 1. You can’t train that in the same way that null sec teach fleets with 100+ at the same time. It’s more a feedback type of training. So you ask a true question.

We regularly check our newbros’ zkillboard and what surprises me is why newbros don’t post more their losses, repeating then their mistakes ? I am still learning myself but some mistakes can easily be avoided : “don’t fit a warp scrambler if kiting” “don’t mix shield and armor tank except special fits” “always use the same type of weapon on a ship” “don’t use weapons whereas the ship has bonuses for another type of ship”

But you are right about the need of mock up battles. The more i think about it, the more it seems useful : especially for technics like slingshots.

I’ve watched countless videos, read guides

That’s great : tactical knowledge is what makes you win, not clickfest. Keep it up !

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This is exactly what I offer. Combat simulation through the dual mechanic with specialized fits where mistakes will be pronounced, and fits where skills show their dings and dents in damage, tracking, speed, cap stability. The rest is on the pilot’s spacial awareness (in which I can also aid) and their desire to keep climbing and improve.

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I’m GMT so EVE Time or +1 when in British Summertime.

Dude, you sound like the man I need in my life ha ha. All jokes aside, seriously, you sound perfect. I’ll be in touch IG. Thank you for responding.

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