Returning player looking for Corp

Returning player after a couple years off. I’ve been playing for years, albeit off and on.

A little about me personally. I work as a teacher, Single father of three pre-teen girls. Busy life. Judo black belt, US military veteran.

What I’m looking for:

-Faction warfare for the Gallente Federation.
-Some industry and mining.
-Enough organization to get things done but not so much planning Eve feels like another job.
-A friendly and welcoming corp attitude.
-New/returning player friendly.
-Patient with an old guy.
-I’m no prude, but at least some restraint in foul language is appreciated.

What I bring:
-Nearly 29 million sp.
-Experience across two accounts in various aspects of Eve.
-Can do, willing to learn attitude.
-Self sufficient.
-I can fly assault frigates, stealth bombers, and up to a decently geared battle ship.
-Lots and lots and lots of drones.
-Also have been training Logi skills.
-I can fly the largest haulers/industrials/mining ships.

I want to take my time and choose wisely. Welcome any and all conversations.


@Varlann il mail you in game

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The Crimson Order is recruiting and we want you!

I know you said you are looking for Faction warfare but I would like to entice you to join us in Null. We have many programs to get you want you would like and nice relaxed atmosphere. I am retired Navy as well with 4 daughters so I get it. If you would like to know more, send me a message in game or join me in discord I hope to hear from you soon.

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