Looking for a Industrial/PVE Corp

I’m a returning member after having been inactive for a few months. The new expansion Lifeblood got me interested yet again as I enjoy the industrial aspect of EVE Online.

Thus, I am looking to join a corporation that can help introduce me to some of the new features such as the moon mining and whatnot.

One of my previous goals were to be able to pilot the Rorqual, which I’m pretty close to being able to - just above a week (I think I could fly it before I took a break, but they added new skills? :frowning: ).

I also have a combat oriented character on a separate account that I can join with to do some pew pew with, though I prefer PVE - I’m far too casual (and scared) to join PVP.

Who Am I?

I’m a 26 year old dude hailing from the northern lands of Sweden. I’m a fairly casual gamer, I like to play a variety of games but my main focus is - or at least used to be simulators such as the ArmA franchise for tactical pew pew and Project CARS for racing.

In my spare time I like to do some programming preferably in C# or Lua. I also enjoy to just fiddle around with UnrealEngine 4 - truly amazing game engine! I’m also a muscle car enthusiast and got a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS which I’m very fond of.

I do have a studio microphone however I am not able to plug it in as of yet, still waiting for my boom arm to arrive as me and muh grill just moved together into a new apartment. :smiley: I’m very well acquainted with Discord and have my own server setup for one of my old communities.

Well, that’s a bit and more about me - probably more than you needed. But hey, now we’re basically best friends already! :rofl:

I sent ingame mail w/more info

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