Looking for a indy/Minning corp

Hi Folks,

I been back in the game for nearly a 2 months now, tried out a few things in game and see what I like do in game, and I found out what I enjoy! I have a young family and play time is difficult but I am active and willing to learn and most importantly have a laugh within the game.

My toon Asvasi has just over 54m SP, at the moment. I am looking for is more null sec mining/PvE Indy Corp, that has discord or ts3, and has a good ore buy-back scheme in place, I understand CTA and will be willing to participate,

I have currently switched my skills to production and resource processing working towards orca and maybe in the future Rorqual, when it comes to PVP/CTA I have a lot of PVP skills(although I am terrible at it lol) , can fly a vargar. mini and cal command ships, t3 cruisers hac, hic, with a t2 fit, log is only requiring the skills,

I am a 40-year-old guy from Scotland, I only have this one account and I don’t have an alt, this was a red flag for a crop so I want to be upfront and honest. I am looking for an active and friendly Corp from UK/EU time zones, Not interested in WH corps,

thanks for reading and safe flying

you are welcome with us come join us

we are a indy/pve corp that does a little of pvp on the side. we are part of the imperium join our discord and see if we are a fit for you. REPZ

Hey there, I wonder if SOUSN is what you’re looking for?

Our roots are in industry (though we engage in PvP fairly regularly too), we’re nullsec and we’re primarily based in the UK/EU timezone. Got a wide variety of buybacks available within the alliance and beyond.

Feel free to check out our ad, and if you like what you see drop a line in Discord :slight_smile:

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