Looking for a mining corp

I’ve been actively playing EVE online about few weeks, so after all I decided that mining is the most suitable income for me. Now I want to join some corp which would teach me how to mine in low-sec/null-sec and provide security if needed :slight_smile: Now I mine in high-sec only

All around the forum I see PVP corps only, so I’m wondering if there’s something for mining. Thanks in advance.

We are looking for more, your welcome to join us. Lets talk about what we do and who we are.
Pm me f you get a chance.

Hey Max!

I’m a recruiter for a corporation out in null sec called, Tits express. :joy: It’s a nickname I started calling the CEO and it just stuck. We offer Null sec mining in safety in the Region of Deklein with Capital building and ore buyback programs. 90% jita always. With maxxed out systems and the highest level of moons available you can make up to 100mil an hour easily.

With our political position as well we can offer PVP fleets on occasion when we are ready to run and gun. We have no requirements regarding those.

Discord <— Here is our discord. Just chat me up or the CEO in there.

cheers o7,
Ed Maller

Hi i am the Ombra Mortale CEO of Amarr War Industries , looking for active Omega pilotes or if you are not Omega but have the wish to be one you are welcome into AMWI .
You can also join for first to our ( AMWI Pub ) is a channel in game so you can eventually introduce your self and read the offer we have into the recruitment channel and something very important is AMWI buying all type ore and ice for 5% less than Jita average price ) .
We are also Not War Elegilble so as you know very important for the miners , we also have actually 13 athanors and one Azbel and all of them are fully operative and open only for New Eden Corporation Conglomerate - NECC that is the No War Elegile Alliance AMWI is part of .

Hope to see you soon in our rankss and give you place you can call home , where is no wars and no OSSESSIVE gankers , yes we are in area where the gankers are not haveing pleasure to come .


Ombra Mortale

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