Amarr War Industries -recruiting miners and not only

Real Life needs are first and foremost .

AMWI is Not War Elegile so as you need a place to call Home where is no wars and OSSESSIVE GANKERS you are welcome .

High sec mining OPS only .

An corp with a vision, purpose, and mission .
AMWI seeking members for all roles.

Looking for mentally mature, goal oriented players, wanting to get from the ground floor ?

What We Want:

  • Active pilots, miners, manufactures, haulers, explorers PLUS ( time you can dedicate to )
  • Team players , all member benefits from the hive cluster.
  • Must use Discord, even if you have no mic. ( we are all so busy and talking is better )
  • Ability to chill and hang with a laid back crowd.
  • No egomaniacs or emo crybabies…we’re not here to babysit your feelings.
  • Alpha accounts not welcome ( but if your desire is to become Omega you are welcome )
  • Multiple accunt pilots are welcome

What We Offer:

  • Free Covetor or/and retriever + fit tec I to all Omega pilots have no ship and like to start mine ( NOW ) .
  • Reffinery use and Engeenering outpost .
  • Experienced leaders .
  • Daily Moon mining OPS .
  • Daily ISK proffit also from our BUYBACK PROGRAM , for more info join the channel .
  • US/AU/EU and MINING Insomnia.

Join our channel ( Amwi Pub )

Ombra Mortale

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