[AMWI] Amarr War Industries - High-Sec Mining


If you’re new or returning and interested in mining or industrial enterprises, Amarr War Industries [AMWI] is the place for you–you can mine in whatever ship you’re able and sell your raw ore for competitive prices–perfect for pilots with incomplete refining skills or those who don’t want to fuss with hauling. Furthermore, Amarr War Industries is non-war eligible. We’ll never ask you to stop mining and “fleet up.”

What we offer:

  • The best high-sec mining support real estate and support in New Eden
  • Moon extractions on every calendar day
  • Safe, worry-free high sec systems with daily fleet ops
  • Ore buy-back (unrefined) program (-5% below market average)
  • Membership to one of the most organized mining alliances in New Eden
  • Intel channels providing real-time intelligence on gankers and pirate activity
  • Active Discord channels
  • Pilots running ops from time zones all over the globe

If you’re serious about mining & industry, drop in to our channel at “AmWi PuB,” or send me an evemail/message in space.

Amarr Victor! o7

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Need more :slight_smile:

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We’re still looking for more enthusiastic miners.

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These rocks aren’t going to mine themselves. We need miners!

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We’re still seeking more miners.

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Such much ore, yet so few miners. Join us!

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