Returning Player looking for active all purpose corp

Hi im returning to the game and looking to mainly do mining and some pve, also willing to do my part in defending skirmishes and such if necessary. will be fairly active around 20-25 hours a week.
Feel free to answer here or dm me ingame if any corps are interested.

check out Academy of the Unseen Arts, the reason for the negative joins is a clearing out of inactive people

Hi i am the Ombra Mortale CEO of Amarr War Industries , looking for active Omega pilotes or if you are not Omega but have the wish to be one you are welcome into AMWI .
You can also join for first to our ( AMWI Pub ) is a channel in game so you can eventually introduce your self and read the offer we have into the recruitment channel and something very important is AMWI buying all type ore and ice for 5% less than Jita average price ) .
We are also Not War Elegilble so as you know very important for the miners , we also have actually 13 athanors and one Azbel and all of them are fully operative and open only for New Eden Corporation Conglomerate - NECC that is the No War Elegile Alliance AMWI is part of .
if you also do some pvp it is welcome , we have so much low sec where to do pvp also in cooperation with ohter pvp pilots .

Hope to see you soon in our rankss and give you place you can call home , where is no wars and no OSSESSIVE gankers , yes we are in area where the gankers are not haveing pleasure to come .


Ombra Mortale

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hi @Nayleen_Gallere

wellcome back to EVE

check this out [HS] [LS] [NS] Akimamur Industries - Open to JOIN

hope to meet you in our public channel your your contact me direct



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