Looking for a new corp? BEST. - recruiting veteran and new pilots!

Reverz, I’d like to talk with you about the corp,

What is your area of main operations, i/m in syndicate currently, I pay to play so I’m not into mining, my time is valuable, and i can afford to buy plex/sell if i need isk.

90 mil SP, play around 25hrs week - US EST

Looking for small PVP roams/gate camps

I enjoy PVE and Black ops is something i want to get into but my current small corp isn’t able to progress with my interests, they mainly mine, so I’m not growing my skills and need a change.

Lets talk, i have discord - TS3 - mic etc… I’ll come to public chat…

We have a couple areas of operation. Being mainly in delve but we also run many small/medium gang fleets in the south and south east, as well as in the north. Sometimes we would stage ships to do a fun mini-deployment and sometimes we make it long term eviction type campaign.

We all pvp here. No one just krabs, although we do know how to krab when needed. so there will be plenty of opportunities for you to grow some of those skills and gain experience.

Please stop by our pub ask for someone to help you. Send me a mail. We’ll set a time to chat.

I see no mention of what is your policy towards Alphas - do you accept alphas as well?
(regardless of the answer, update your original post with this info, perhaps?)


Open for recruitment!

Heyo!! Let’s go!

stop in our public channel for a chat!

open for recruitment all day! hop in for a chat

Open for recruitment! Please have a mic!

How do i apply? I joined the channel already seems like no one answer me there

Simply join our public channel and follow the directions in the MOTD! Say hi and we’ll chat with ya

You and me both; don’t need to care about the cost of game, and both want to use black ops ships more.
I have enjoyed providing the bridge for people to use for all three purposes.
It is that third purpose most people don’t know of, or just don’t discuss.
I also wanted to add that, now that you don’t need more skill points, you can just sell them to get another free ship.

Any Pap requirements for Strat Ops?
You say Mic required or do you mean headphone required? Most fleets are just listening to FC commands.


we do ask that you participate in alliance fleets when you are able to! I understand real life may get in the way of being able to do many fleets but you can let me know ahead of time and there shouldn’t be any problem.

We do require you to have a mic so we can have an interview with you prior to joining the corporation. On top of that it is very helpfull to be able to communicate in a fleet or in other instances where we are just hang out at home.

Open for recruitment!

Bumpers! Come to our public channel and ask any questions you may have!

Are you guys still open for recruitment ?

Recruitment was closed but it is reopening here soon. Based off of some specific requirements ie. 15m sp minimum. Voice comms interview.

Back to the top we go!

I was previously a member of New Eden’s Best.
I was inactive in the game for a while after my computer died and was part of the purge but I am back and would like to rejoin the corporation. Everyone was very friendly and I would love to learn more about pvp. It seems like the links in the MOTD of the public recruitment channel are not working but I applied to the corp. in game. I’d love to join the corp. again if you guys will have me back!
Sum Ting Smol