Looking for a new corp

looking for a new corp with pvp tons capable of carrier, fax, dread, and blops. also have have mining fleet with rorq capable as well.

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if you have a dread alt pls check as bellow

Check us out.

not in my tz

i will keep you in mind

Hey mate would u be able to jump on our discord for a chat

Hey bud,

I think we may be a good fit for you. We are a nullsec USTZ PvP corp living in Vale of the Silent.

We are part of an alliance “ Freight Train Diplomacy ” . We are not affiliated with any Coalitions and have two blues.

We are a tight knit corp and like the laid back environment. We pvp when we want to and no paps or CTAs or any of that crap. No fleeting up for some random alliance that the coalition has blued, also everyone knows Vale is content central.

-We got voice comms(very active).
-We also have handout doctrine ships and help subsidize ships if you have to buy them.
-Logistics is setup and super easy to use as well.

Give us at F-OFF a shout.


Justin Starr STARR#8251 ← my discord

keep you in mind

fired you an ingame mail my dude :smiley:

If you’re interested in NPC nullsec, we have a bunch of moons set up for mining but we spend the vast majority of our time PvPing, whether that’s long distance roams, gate camps, brawls over local structures, or third-partying whatever’s going on.

@Syndicate_Guru From what you have listed as your available characters you sound like you would be a great fit for the new chapter of FAYN’s story. Check us out and see what you think


Heyo, if you are interested in BLOPs and WH content we’re the place for you. We do BLOPs weekly and have plenty of null content. Check us out.

Hey, WASME is a group who loves to use their big toys, and on the verge of WWB kicking off we’re ready and waiting.

Feel free to jump into discord and have a chat with us :slight_smile:

WASME - Likely Suspects is a 0.0 Corporation, we are looking to build up our EU/USTZ. There are daily alliance ops and there is never any shortage of things to shoot.


WASAME Has been a PvP corp since day one.
We have recently come back from a break from pvp after the Co2/Moa issues, and after padding our wallets in a rental alliance.
We are for the fun fights, not the killboard padding. We are happily situated in RAZOR Alliance

We can offer:
Fun Fights
Nullsec Space
Capital Fleets
Friendly Atmosphere.

Feel free to get in touch with myself or drop into our recruitment channel: ‘Likely Public’.

Or join our Discord for a chat:

Hey @Syndicate_Guru

Why not come back to Syndicate? We would love to have a player such as you with all the activity that is currently in the region. Check out our post and contact us either on Discord or in game.

Hey Syndicate Guru,

Our corp lives in null-sec in the alliance Requiem Eternal, in the Legacy Coalition. There are many fleets forming each day with the wars going on, so enough possibility for a good fight. We are a chill group, focused on having fun. Drama is not for us, we had drama in our previous corp and that made us all leave to avoid any of this. Right now we are just chilling, doing what we like while listening to some chill music and fooling around on discord. We do not have mandatory stuff, nor do we require players to be on certain times. Real life always comes first. Feel free to check us out!
Hope to hear from you

Check us out.

Check us out

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