Looking for a PVE corp with low expectations

I am looking for a laid back corp that does pve in Caldari space, preferably EU timezone, though my play times are irregular.

I’ve tried different things in Eve since 2008, and I believe it is time now to rip things up in a group.

I’m looking for the role of a member who shows up after an unpredictable interval, and relentlessly blows up ships for long durations.

// Edited for clarity, and to include this link to my blog that documents my progress through eve over the last decade.

I should add (and should have mentioned in my impulsive post above) that I’ve led a couple of small corps, run a trade apprenticeship program, dual boxed level 5s (when you could get them in high sec), have extensive research (I own a pos) and t1, t2 manufacture experience (and resources). I used to trade with 3000 market orders (9 accounts), had some good ideas, worked in a wormhole corp, infiltrated null sec, and have all sorts of skills (110m SP).

I am always looking to learn and share experiences and would be happy working with both experienced and new players.

If you’re dutch speaking: Gentse Waterzooi is open for recruitment.

Hello @Samroski

We may be the corp that your are looking for. We have an active EU and US base, and plenty of PVE. Take a look at what we offer, and let me know if you think this is what you are looking for.


Remnants of War was formed to bring likeminded players together for comradery and mutual benefits. We offer a huge host of services for players wanting to grow their presence on Eve. We would like to share our nul sec infrastructure and knowledge to help you succeed, and in turn, help our corporation grow. We have US and EU players, but all are welcome.


  • For miners we offer 5 lucrative moons, an ice belt in system along with enormous ore belts and T2 rigged refineries. No corp mining taxes.
  • For PVE we offer 8+ havens, DED marketplace, a 1% tax rate, and a Keepstar in system for super carrier ratting.
  • For PI we offer 550+ moons with a low 2% customs rate. All available through a low cost jump bridge network.
  • For manufacturing we offer T2 rigged capital, super capital, and sub capital stations, along with T2 rigged research and invention stations one jump away and all with low tax rates.
  • For PVP we offer corp roams, gate camping, and system defense. No forced PVP.
  • We are well organized with Team Speak, Discord, and Seat.
  • We have a Keepstar in system to dock larger ships.
  • Relative safety of a dead end pocket, with a far reaching intel network.
  • Low cost reliable continuous logistics to/from Jita 4-4.


  • Main character must be Omega status.
  • Have adequate SP (7.5 mil) to support nul sec life.
  • Participate in a monthly corp mining op.
  • An ability to be on Team Speak, but not a requirement.
  • Full ESI Registration for Security Checks


  • Develop pilot and player abilities and support access to various types of game content.
  • Aim and encourage our pilots to fly Rorquals, Supers, and Titans.
  • Enrich players with multiple ISK making avenues.
  • Support the needs of our pilots.
  • Create a fun environment with no drama.


Want to know more? Join our Discord Pub Channel, join our in-game public channel "Remnants Pub", or in-game message ParaPants.

Thank you both for your interest, but I do not speak Dutch, and am looking to stay within shooting distance of Jita to look after my trade interests.

Hey there, I am the ceo of a small corp based not too far from Jita. We are part of a rapidly growing new alliance that would greatly benefit from your experience. We can offer all sorts of content and friendly members. Mainly we mission, mine and pew.

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