Looking for a PvP oriented corp in NPC null or WH space

edit: have been recruited in to a corp, thanks anyway


I’ve played EVE on and off over the years, but so far all I’ve mostly partaken in is blobbing in nullsec alliances. I know how to play the game, but I’m not going to pretend I’m highly experienced at PvP just yet, especially after my most recent hiatus. I do however have a keen interest in starting again, but not in some nullsec blob. I’d like to join a “neutral” corporation in NPC null, preferably somewhere in Stain (nullsec, but quiet and away from major conflicts and alliances), where I can focus on having fun in the game through piracy and small scale PvP.

My primary money making method is exploration, and I’m trained up to competently fly anything Amarr up to battlecruiser ship size. I only have about 15m skillpoints, so you know in advance. If there aren’t any corporations hiring in NPC null that are a good fit for me, a wormhole corporation with similar focuses, that’s willing to recruit me, is something I’d accept too. I’m UTC+1, I work three shifts though, so my play time is very varied. All in all, I’d just like to join a corp that doesn’t take itself too seriously and wants to focus on the fun parts of the game, rather than the grindy aspects of it.

Feel free to message me if you’d like to take me on. Thanks.

good on you for the offer bro, but if you reread my post, what you have is exactly what I’m not looking for at all

but thanks anyway, I do appreciate it

Hello it semes we can provide wat your loking for.

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