Looking for a [Sov Null} Corporation - 100+sp's

This is not my main!

I am looking for a corporation that is not part of either goons or PL (or some connected alliance)
Community is paramount as I am a daily player looking for content but also the more social side of the game.
Even if this means helping a corp/ alliance secure null sov.

Mostly EU Tz weekdays and beyond for weekends.

What I can’t do:

  • endless pvp
  • constant ceptor gangs
  • solo pvp
  • drama

What i can do:

  • Experienced cap pilot --> Titans.
  • Fc smaller groups and make content
  • Hang out in comms
  • enjoy the game as a game
  • leadership and support newer bros

Please reply or contact me in game

Hey mate!

Hello! Do you count NC connected to PL connected? :smiley:

Afraid both Darkness (gotg) and Nc would fall under those categories.

Better have a look and chat with us!

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