Looking for a zero tax corp to just hang out

I’m looking for a zero-tax corp, honestly just as a “tax shelter” from NPC taxes.

Not looking for any services, won’t bother anyone.
Just don’t want to pay NPC income taxes.


then start your own solo corp?..

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I know there are zero tax corps out there.

It’s 0.1% instead of 0, but @Uriel_the_Flame runs a corporation you might look into, or at least used to. I usually see him being all tongue in cheek on the forums and snickering to himself about every little thing so folks might not take him seriously, but he also sponsors the occasional event or give away. I do not know how social his corporation is, since I’ve never been a part of it, but I would imagine that it’s higher quality than the average 0 tax corporation. That is just my own educated guess, though.

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If you wanted to become a mission runner & get paid, you can join USIA and our corp is 0% taxes

Aside of a few people including myself our members are inactive so if someone is looking for social interaction then our corp is not for them. Actually even the “active” members only sign in rarely.

So my corp is really just about a no requirement to join corp where you can hang out even if just parking your character and are actually inactive. Though keep in mind if you are looking for social interaction then there are plenty of chat channels you can join.

Btw it is not difficult to train into being able to create your own corp where you can have zero tax set for yourself and can also invite your alts and use a shared corp wallet and other such useful features, the only downside is you will be alone in it always (unless you invite people), which might not be an issue if you chat in some public / private channel.

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I’m considering a larger move to a corp but for now just want to avoid NPC taxes. Not looking to be social.

If you plan to use alts it might be more useful if you made your own corp as you can share the corp wallet among your characters, this is not available in my corp for example (only available to my own characters).

However if you don’t really need that feature then you might join my corp. We have several members who have multiple alts in the corp so it is not unfeasible to not be in your own corp you just have to weight the benefits of each and see which suits you more.

Btw you can join, leave, rejoin my corp any time, so whatever suits you at the moment you can do it without consequence, we are here to play the game or park characters so will not have negative effect on our relation if you leave and can rejoin later as it suits you no problem. Several people did this and never had issues, this casual mindset is what this corp is about.

Note that as I rarely sign in nowadays it is best if you drop me an in-game EVEmail after you submit an application (or several if you have alts that you also want to join up with) as I can check my EVEmails without signing in through a third party web based EVEmail client, thus will take notice much sooner if you send an EVEmail too. Same goes for if you have any questions just drop me an EVEmail.


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I also have a corp just sitting doing nothing, so i can rearrange the taxes to zero and let you join it. i just leave it open on an alt for whenever i feel like jumping back in it, or doing stuff with it, not using my main char.

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Put in an app.

0% tax corp

Yep. Easy. Taxfree001. You can have Taxfree[n+1].

Make your own corps. I call mine Taxfree001.

I’m good now. Thanks.

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