Trying to understand Corporations

New player trying to understand Corporations. If I understand correctly, after starting I was placed in a starter NPC corporation. I keep getting invites to join Corp A or Corp B, what are the disadvantages of leaving the starter NPC Corp or any NPC Corp.?
I’ve read about creating my own corp to avoid NPC corp taxes, but in doing this, do I loose access to services at NPC stations?
Such as the factory, reprocessing, etc…?
What about mission agents, do I loose access to this?
Also, what about the daily goals and other bonuses from the AIR program?

Any info would be appreciated- thanks

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So as a capsuleer you have access to any and all NPC stations even if you have bad standings to the npc corp or faction that owns it. You wont have access to all agents for missions unless your standings are at a certain point

There are no disadvantages of joining a player corp over being in the NPC corp except if you dont want to be apart of wars between two parties, dont join a corp with structures or can place them.

As far as reprocessing you dont lose any access to those. Higher standings with the corp that owns the station drops the cost to reprocess.

Daily goals is available to any pilot doesnt matter if in a player corp or not

So standings, refers to the corp that owns the station you are in. Say caldari navy as an example. The more missions you do for them, the higher your standings. At certain points like 2.00 or 5.00 etc you gain access to higher level agents. I think at 6.5 your reprocessing cost goes to zero for the corp that owns the station


Thanks, that helps.

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The biggest advantage of joining a player corp is that you have the chance to come into contact with experienced players and can benefit from their knowledge, their infrastructure and their relations. You will be able to do things after one week in a player corp that you can’t do when playing solo after a year. If it is a competent corp that actually support it’s noobs, of course.

For example, when we take in Noobs into our WH corp, they get the cance to run C5 Combat sites with us basically from day one. No matter how many skillpoints they have, we will find a fit and a role they can help the fleet with and they will get paid their full share. You will get skill plans, fittings that work, advice how to make money with little investment and which (costly) mistakes to avoid.

Don’t be stupid and stay in an NPC corp, it’s the worst place to be in EVE.

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NPC corps have 11% tax on bounty payments you receive and you are unable to anchor structures.

In an NPC corp you can not get a war declaration. This means other player groups can not declare open war on you. This is vary handy for players/groups in high security space and less so for players outside high sec. This changed slightly a while back when CCP changed the war dec rules and now player run groups have to anchor a structure to become eligible for war, this means if you do decide to make a corp or join someone else’s you are safe from war decs until you/someone drops an upwell structure.

You can still use any services an NPC station offers. Not all NPC starter corps are the same, some are active others less so. CAS (Center for Advanced Studies) is a Gallente starter corp that has player run activities and even has an alliance tournament team for new players to try that kind of thing out. It is the only one though. Sadly most of the social chat aspects have been killed by referral link spam.

11% tax probably seems a lot to a new player but when you look at most well run player groups, especially their new player filter corps, they will often have a similar level tax or higher. In a player corporation this goes towards the running costs or SRP (ship replacement money) in an NPC corp it goes towards nothing/nobody. If you make your own corporation you can chose how much tax, and now LP (loyalty points) is given to your corp wallets.

There are a lot of corps in eve that offer 0% tax as an incentive to get you to leave your NPC corp and join them but obviously they wont be able to fund or pay for anything and in most cases you are expected to pay for everything yourself or worse tricked into paying for corp stuff. Just be careful.

You can contrary to popular opinion totally play Eve without joining a player run group, I have for almost 10 years and I’m not alone, due to the game mechanics of Eve its not always advantageous to be in a player corp unless you are prepared to commit to that level of game play, once you start needing alts Eve can escalate in its demands on your time quite quickly but unless you are self motivated and have your own selection of goals staying in a NPC corp does have limitations and you will miss out on other huge aspects of the game.

Like many things in Eve, the choice is essentially up to you, there is no better or worse just depends what you want out the game.

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WHat’s the advantage of joining a corp in a MMO?
seriously or is it a 1st April joke?

what about getting common goals, enemies, corp projects, things that give a sense to any sort of pve activity you are doing ?
what about getting help, advices, people to talk to, friends, people whom you talk to about eve, sports, girls, kids, work etc?, and maybe meet some of them irl?

Thanks everyone.
I’m a casual player, so staying in a NPC corp or even creating my own corp to avoid the taxes may work out good.
@Wyk_Bathana - No joke. Eve may be an MMO, but that does not mean I need to join a group to enjoy the game itself. I’ve been playing for a couple weeks now and I’m enjoying just flying around New Eden, scanning some anomalies, blasting some rocks and even trading on the market. Knowing I could get blasted at anytime adds a bit of excitement to playing - just like driving around IRL. I can understand your view, by joining a corp I can interact with people, learn from them, do in game activities together, probably makes some friends and get together IRL for a BBQ - which is awesome for those that are looking for that. And perhaps if I start playing more, joining a corp will be good thing. But for now, I just wanted to know if I would loose access to anything I current have if I left the NPC corp.


If you join a player corp, or make your own, should you decide its not working out you can re join your original NPC starter corp at any time by simply leaving. CCP changed the mechanics a while back possibly (though we will never know) because of the volume of players requesting via GM tickets to be manually moved back into CAS.

Some people can go to a pub/bar on their own make friends and have a great time, others need to be part of a group before they can have fun.

@Erebus_TheChin_Sundance - Thanks, that’s good to know.

Sure it may somehow work out. Just realize that you will miss like 95% of the exciting content the game has to offer.

  • join a group
  • leave highsec

These are the two best tips you will ever get in EVE, casual or pro. Good luck.

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You don’t need to commit to a corp or certain space just to have fun playing with others. You can join fleets of one of the NPSI groups . Though I second what is said above, a lot of the fun is in PvP and outside highsec.

Solo in EvE is possible, and can be rewarding as a personal challenge, but it requires a lot of SP and time to setup. Also even you are solo, your opponents likely may not, and this is totally fair.