Hey it’s been a long time. I understand standings will unlock abilities from locator agents, higher rewards, higher level missions. What else does it do? Is there any benefit to grinding an individual level 2 agent to 10.0? Anything else I’m missing?

Individual agent, no

NPC corp, yeah cause higher level agents and tax benefit

NPC faction, definately, more agents and lower taxes on market


Forgot about the tax benefits, thanks

Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA] here. Some additional points:

  • Higher corp standings will reduce and eventually eliminate reprocessing fees at NPC stations.
  • Unless you’re in a player FW corp/alliance, you also need non-negative faction base standings to enlist in FW.
  • If you want diamond mining NPC rats to stop shooting you, you need to repair standings with both their faction and corp (if either is bad, they will attack)
  • Low faction standings (-2 and below) will restriction you to L1 missions for all corps in a faction even if your corp/agent factions are higher enough for higher-level missions
  • Very low faction standings (-5 and below) will cause faction navies to hunt you down in their space (“kill on sight”)
  • Some COSMOS agents require faction standings instead of corp standings

There might be a few things I haven’t mentioned, but those are the main points. If you have any more questions, feel free to hop on the USIA Discord and we’ll be glad to answer them.


Thank you!

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