Grinding Faction standings to 8?


I’m returning to the game from the 9-year exile. My standings with the Servants of Eve (FACTION) are 8+, and I remember having ground them maniacally back in the day. But I don’t remember now why… I know 6.67 with a CORP gives you zero reprocessing tax. But 8+ FACTION? In the back of my head, I’ve got an idea revolving around jump clones? Does anyone know or remember what it is/was about?

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Apparently jump clones used to require 7.0 standings. IIRC, POS’s also required standings in order to be anchored in HS, but I don’t think that it required standings that high. Apparently certain cosmos agent can require extremely high standings (8.5+) to get some faction BPC rewards, but I’ve never messed with that. Not sure what else it could be.
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7.00 is needed for corp and or faction for L5 missions as well. Having a high faction standing also gave a great buffer for those who do pve missions to deny many missions within the 4 hr period since you suffer minimal faction standing loss compared to corp/agent

Probably working on gaining LP’s to buy SoE Launcher and Probes to sell in Market. Back then those were hot commodities… and I believe they’re still a good return on LP’s.

More than likely you were completing the Storyline missions as well. Those usually have a high LP amount and give a big boost in Faction standing.

Also should point out that gaining standings with other Factions will give positive derived standing gains to SoE as well.

Maybe that’s what happened.

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